Frosty Creek is a map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is set on the North Pole in a snowy winter environment, and it has been showcased in several trailers in previews. It was featured in the beta of the game.

Game modes in which it appears


The only thing colder than a frosty creek is pure frozen frost itself! Also liquid nitrogen, ice cream, very cold rocks and frozen bread!

Golden Gnome locations

For the first Gnome, travel around the map until you find a sign that says Sawdust Mill. From there, continue until you find an area where it appears there has been an avalanche. Then, find a red pickup truck covered in snow. In the back of the truck, there is a lunchbox with some chips, a taco, and a Golden Gnome. For the second Golden Gnome, go back to the sign that says Sawdust Mill, and travel through the mill until you get to the other side. Then find the river and jump on one of the ice floes on the side of the bridge near the mill. There is a Mushroom Button right between the walkway and the arch of the bridge. Shoot it and your Gnome will come floating down the river on a log, stopping a bit after your ice floe.



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