Frostbite Caves - Day 27 is the twenty-seventh level of Frostbite Caves in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Save Our Seeds level. To complete this level, the player must protect three Rotobagas. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


  • Since there are two Rotobagas in the third column and one in the second column, Sloth Gargantuars may throw lots of Yeti Imps at the endangered Rotobagas. It is recommended to have an Infi-nut fed with Plant Food to avoid the Rotobagas getting eaten.
  • If the player does not kill the Sloth Gargantuar quickly, the Gargantuar might have advanced far enough to crush the Rotobagas, ultimately causing the loss of the level.
  • Dodo Rider Zombies are also a threat, although not many of them appear. Because of the relatively fast speed and Protected health, they can easily wreck through defenses if not countered properly. Blover is recommended, as you can kill the Dodo Riders while it is gliding.
  • There are lots of Yeti Imps in this level, especially between the third and fourth flag. Defensive plants like Wall-nut and Tall-nut are recommended to stop the stray imps.
  • Watch out for Hunter Zombies, as they can easily immobilize plants with snowballs, allowing zombies to pass through defenses easier. Because Hot Potato cannot defrost all the plants in enough time (its recharge speed is moderately slow), it is recommended to have other thawing plants like Pepper-pult for defenses.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Cave Zombie23 Cave Zombie24 None
2 Cave Zombie21 Cave Zombie22 Cave Zombie25 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
3 Cave Conehead Zombie22 Cave Conehead Zombie23 None
4 Blockhead Zombie21 Blockhead Zombie25 None
5 Cave Conehead Zombie23 Cave Buckethead Zombie22 Cave Buckethead Zombie24 Cave Flag Zombie2 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp22 Yeti Imp23 Yeti Imp24 Yeti Imp25 None First flag.
Carries 1x Plant Food.
6 Dodo Rider Zombie21 Dodo Rider Zombie25 None
7 Dodo Rider Zombie22 Dodo Rider Zombie23 Dodo Rider Zombie24 None
8 Troglobite22 Troglobite24 None
9 Troglobite21 Troglobite25 None
10 Cave Conehead Zombie23 Cave Buckethead Zombie22 Cave Buckethead Zombie24 Cave Flag Zombie2 Troglobite23 None Second flag.
11 Dodo Rider Zombie21 Dodo Rider Zombie25 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp25 None
12 Yeti Imp23 Troglobite22 Troglobite24 None
13 Cave Buckethead Zombie22 Cave Buckethead Zombie24 Hunter Zombie23 None
14 Cave Conehead Zombie23 Hunter Zombie22 Hunter Zombie24 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp25 None
15 Cave Flag Zombie2 Hunter Zombie21 Hunter Zombie25 Sloth Gargantuar23 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp22 Yeti Imp24 Yeti Imp25 None Third flag.
Carries 1x Plant Food.
16 Hunter Zombie22 Hunter Zombie23 Hunter Zombie24 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp25 Yeti Imp25 None
17 Troglobite22 Troglobite24 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp22 Yeti Imp23 Yeti Imp24 Yeti Imp25 None
18 Troglobite22 Troglobite23 Troglobite24 Yeti Imp21 Yeti Imp25 None
19 Dodo Rider Zombie21 Dodo Rider Zombie21 Dodo Rider Zombie25 Dodo Rider Zombie25 None
20 Blockhead Zombie21 Blockhead Zombie24 Blockhead Zombie25 Cave Flag Zombie2 Sloth Gargantuar23 Sloth Gargantuar25 None Final wave.


Strategy 1

Created by RaidingParty

This strategy can beat the level without premium content, without using Plant Food, and without losing any lawn mowers.

  • Required plants:
  • Let the endangered Rotobagas kill the first several zombies while four Twin Sunflowers are planted directly behind the top and bottom leftmost ice floes. Fill up the all the spaces adjacent with Rotobagas, then fill out the three middle lanes with more. When the pair of Blockhead Zombies arrive, slow down one with a Chard Guard and plant another Twin Sunflower behind it, and kill the other with a Potato Mine (or freeze it with a Stunion until it is dealt with). As you expand the massive center lane Rotobaga army, they will eventually handle the Blockheads and shred most of the other enemies (protect the frontlines with Chard Guards).
  • As your sun supply increases, fill out the back column with Laser Beans or Bowling Bulbs, depending on your choice. Laser Beans are more reliable but Bowling Bulbs can beat the level faster and crush the Troglobites' frozen blocks if they get good rebounds. If too many frozen blocks are getting pushed in, use Cherry Bombs and Hot Potatoes to disrupt it. Continue to expand the Rotobaga force until they have advanced as far as the second-to-last column.
  • When the first Gargantuar appears, bomb him with a Cherry Bomb, then use either a Potato Mine or Chard Guard combo to finish him, or freeze him with a Stunion and let the Rotobagas take him down. Do the same to the final two Gargantuars; the Rotobaga force will shred the bottommost one without much help but watch out for his Yeti Imps getting thrown past the Rotobagas (use a Chard Guard to throw them back).
  • If you use Plant Food with this strategy, the Laser Beans and especially Bowling Bulbs will make short work of the Gargantuars (the Bowling Bulbs can destroy potentially a third or more of the entire zombie force).

Strategy 2

Created by Rifqitheflipper
  • Required plants:
  • Plant Sunflowers on the first row of each column (plant two if necessary).
  • Let the endangered Rotobagas clear the first zombies.
  • Start planting Fire Peashooters on all of the empty spaces in the first three columns to boost your offense and warms nearby plants.
  • Plant Chard Guards behind the slider tiles on the second and fourth row to anticipate from Dodo Riders and thrown Yeti Imps. If necessary, you can also plant one right in front of the center endangered Rotobaga to protect it.
  • When a Buckethead, Blockhead, or Dodo Rider zombie appears, stun them with the Stunion to deal with them easier.
  • Use Hot Potatoes to melt Troglobite's ice blocks.
  • Start replacing Sunflowers with Fire Peashooters and Rotobagas to take care with larger waves of zombies.
  • The Sweet Potato should be planted on the middle row to attract zombies.
  • Spend Plant Food on Fire Peashooters to deal with Gargantuars or zombies gathered by the Sweet Potato.
  • Use Stunion and Cherry Bomb to deal with large group of zombies.

Strategy 3

Created by VeXJL
  • Required plants:
    • Gold Bloom2
    • Twin Sunflower2
    • Sweet Potato2
    • Laser Bean2
    • Blover2
    • Chard Guard2
    • Pepper-pult2
  • Setup

Twin Sunflower2Twin Sunflower2Pepper-pult2

Twin Sunflower2Pepper-pult2Rotobaga2

Laser Bean2Rotobaga2Sweet Potato2Chard Guard2

Twin Sunflower2Pepper-pult2Rotobaga2

Twin Sunflower2Twin Sunflower2Pepper-pult2

  • Notes
  1. Sloth Gargantuar2 Sloth Gargantuars are very dangerous to the Rotobagas, especially the one that appears in row 5.
  2. Hunter Zombie2 Hunter Zombie can freeze the Chard Guard easily. It is important to dig up the Chard Guard when this is in the middle lane.
  3. Dodo Rider Zombie2 Dodo Rider Zombie can fly over ice floes, so use Blover to kill it.
  • Procedure
  1. Start by placing Gold Bloom.
  2. Start placing Twin Sunflowers on the first column and second column.
  3. Let the first zombies get killed by the Rotobagas.
  4. Place a Laser Bean in the middle row behind the Rotobaga.
  5. Place a Sweet Potato in front of the Rotobaga in the middle row, followed by a Chard Guard.
  6. Place Pepper-pults down on the second column and third column.
  7. Replant Chard Guard with Wall-nut First Aid when it runs out of leaves.
  8. When Chard Guard launches back zombies, take the opportunity to place Blover right after, as the latter will blow away zombies that are launched back.
  9. Place Blover when Dodo Rider Zombie hovers over the ice floes.
  10. When the Hunter Zombie arrives, dig up the Chard Guard and wait for the Hunter Zombie to die. Replace the Chard Guard when Hunter Zombie is destroyed. Do the same for the next Hunter Zombie.
  11. When the first Sloth Gargantuar arrives, place a Chard Guard about a half tile away from him and when Chard Guard is laying down, place Blover to kill the Sloth Gargantuar. Do the same thing for the Sloth Gargantuar on lane 5. The Chard Guard in the middle lane should take care of the last one.

Strategy 4

Created by Comicboss4000


  1. Start by placing two Sun-shrooms (reference the setup picture below).
  2. Blow up the first few zombies with Primal Potato Mine or stall them with Primal Wall-nut.
  3. When the Blockhead Zombies arrive, you should have a Primal Wall-nut guarding each Rotobaga.
  4. Plant Pepper-pults according to the setup picture below. They are very important in this level to keep plants warm.
  5. Plant Red Stingers according to the setup picture below.
  6. Put Plant Food on the Primal Wall-nuts when you get Plant Food.
  7. Dodo Rider Zombies can be annoying, as they can fly above your Primal Wall-nuts. Remember to either blow them up or to kill them quickly by placing extra Red Stingers or Pepper-pults.
  8. Save Cherry Bombs for the Troglobites. That way, you can kill them easily. If your Cherry Bomb is recharging and there are still more Troglobites on the lawn, unfreeze the ice blocks with Hot Potato.
  9. When battling the Sloth Gargantuars either in the third flag or the final flag, use Cherry Bomb or Primal Potato Mine to kill them. Alternatively, you can put Plant Food on Red Stingers to kill them.

This is what your setup should look like:

Frostbite cave day 27 strategy

Positions of plants



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