For the Chinese version of the level, see Frostbite Caves - Day 15 (Chinese version).
For the Chinese version of this level before the v1.8 update, see Frostbite Caves - Day 15 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).

Frostbite Caves - Day 15 is the fifteenth level of Frostbite Caves in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Save Our Seeds level. To complete this level, the player must protect two Pepper-pults. There are two sliders that will push zombies up and one down in the lawn. The player has to protect two Pepper-pults - one at the top of the third column and the other at the bottom of the fourth column. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a tablet that indicates a message regarding an upcoming massive onslaught.


(After beating the level and obtaining a stone tablet)
Crazy Dave: Penny, hath you ever tried licking an ice-thickle and got your tongue thtuck to it?
Penny: No, User Dave. I have not.
Crazy Dave: Uh... me neither. Thath would be craaaazthy.
Penny: Sigh. While your tongue heals, please note the strange stone tablet.
Penny: It appears to be a warning sign, written in Cave Zombie.
Crazy Dave: Doesth it warn people not to lick ice-thickles?


  • The level has no snowstorms but massive numbers of Cave Buckethead Zombies will substitute for the handicap level. Dodo Rider Zombies will also attack in unison for the latter parts of the level.
  • Sliders will push all zombies towards the endangered Pepper-pults and most of the time, they are all gathered at the third and fourth column.
  • The player is not given Plant Food in this level by random zombies, so they should not rely on it unless they have Power Lily.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Cave Zombie23 None
2 Cave Zombie21 Cave Zombie25 None 100% Plant Food
3 Cave Conehead Zombie22 None Freezing winds affect rows 1 and 5
4 Cave Zombie21 Cave Zombie22 Cave Zombie24 Cave Zombie25 Cave Flag Zombie2 Dodo Rider Zombie23 None First flag
5 Cave Zombie24 Cave Conehead Zombie21 Cave Conehead Zombie25 None
6 Cave Conehead Zombie23 Blockhead Zombie2 Dodo Rider Zombie24 None Freezing winds affect rows 3 and 4; 400%/7 Plant Food
7 Cave Conehead Zombie22 Cave Buckethead Zombie23 None Freezing winds affect rows 3 and 4 (row 4 is affected twice)
8 Blockhead Zombie2 Cave Flag Zombie2 Dodo Rider Zombie22 Dodo Rider Zombie23 Dodo Rider Zombie24 None Second flag
9 Cave Conehead Zombie25 Cave Buckethead Zombie21 Hunter Zombie22 Hunter Zombie23 Hunter Zombie24 None Freezing winds affect rows 3 and 4; 200%/7 Plant Food
10 Cave Zombie22 Cave Zombie23 Cave Zombie24 Blockhead Zombie21 Blockhead Zombie25 None
11 Cave Conehead Zombie22 Cave Buckethead Zombie2 Hunter Zombie22 Dodo Rider Zombie23 None Freezing winds affect rows 1 and 5
12 Cave Zombie2 Cave Buckethead Zombie24 Cave Flag Zombie2 Hunter Zombie24 Dodo Rider Zombie23 Dodo Rider Zombie23 Yeti Imp2 None Third flag; freezing winds affect rows 3 and 4
13 Cave Zombie2 Cave Conehead Zombie24 Cave Conehead Zombie2 Cave Buckethead Zombie2 Hunter Zombie25 None Freezing winds affect rows 3 and 4 (row 3 is affected twice)
14 Blockhead Zombie21 Blockhead Zombie25 Hunter Zombie24 None Freezing winds affect rows 1 and 5
15 Blockhead Zombie23 Hunter Zombie23 Dodo Rider Zombie24 None Freezing winds affect rows 1 and 5; 300%/7 Plant Food
16 Cave Conehead Zombie21 Cave Conehead Zombie25 Cave Buckethead Zombie21 Blockhead Zombie25 Cave Flag Zombie2 Hunter Zombie22 Hunter Zombie23 Dodo Rider Zombie24 Dodo Rider Zombie24 Yeti Imp2 None Final flag


Strategy 1  (Contains premium content) (Contains gem premium content)

Frostbite Caves Day 15 Sweet Potato Strategy

Strategy 1

Created by Sinanco
  • Required plants: Twin Sunflower2 Pea Pod2 Sweet Potato2 Torchwood2 Sun Bean2
  • Suggested plants: Hurrikale2 Chili Bean2 Potato Mine2 Stallia2 Squash2 Stunion2 Bloomerang2 A.K.E.E.2 Laser Bean2 Cactus2

This strategy makes use of Sweet Potato's attractive powers to neutralize slider tiles' effects. It should be noted that all non-single use plants are planted behind the slider tiles and endangered plants in this strategy. At the beginning of the game, four Twin Sunflowers should be planted in order maintain the sun economy. Single use plants such as Squash, Potato Mine, Chili Bean, Stunion, Hurrikale, and Stallia are highly recommended to instantly kill or stall incoming zombies. As soon as enough sun is obtained, Sweet Potatoes should be planted; first one behind the uppermost slider tile, second one behind the lowermost slider tile. In the duratşion of the game, these plants should constantly be supported, preferably with Hurrikales, Torchwoods and Wall-nut first aids, as keeping them alive and defrosted is the center of this strategy. As soon as enough money is obtained, Pea Pods and Torchwoods should be planted behind Sweet Potatoes. Sun Bean should be given to Conehead Zombies Buckethead Zombies and Blockhead Zombies occasionally to obtain large quantities of sun. Only two Plant Foods are given in the level, both of which should be used on Torchwoods to make the best use of Pea Pods. As long as Pea Pod defenses are built, this strategy should sustain itself until the end of the level. However, one Torchwood should be planted on the first tile of the third row in order to prevent surrounding plants from freezing. Bloomerangs Laser Beans Cacti or A.K.E.E.s can be used on the first, third and fifth lanes to increase the pressure on the Zombies. Additionally, Dodo Rider Zombies can be blown away using Hurrikales until the Pea Pods and Torchwoods are set. Once this strategy is fully set, no zombies should be able to eat the Endangered Pepper-pults or even reach behind your defense lines.

Strategy 2  (Contains gem premium content)

Created by 951753xx
  • Required plants: Sunflower2 Twin Sunflower2 Sun-shroom2 Sweet Potato2 Pepper-pult2
  • Suggested plants: Potato Mine2 Chili Bean2 Hot Potato2 Cherry Bomb2 Hurrikale2

Note: This strategy only works if you plant the plants exactly.

  • Begin by planting your chosen sun-producing plant in the third column, third row. When the first Cave Zombie arrives, use a Potato Mine or Chili Bean to take it out.
  • Continue planting sun-producing plants, right beneath the first one. Continue planting until the entire column is filled, except for the endangered Pepper-pult and the empty space below it (you can also place one in the fourth column, third row). Use the Potato Mine or Chili Bean to kill the coming zombies until you have enough sun for a Sweet Potato (hint: if a Cave Zombie comes in the rows with the endangered Pepper-pults, you do not need to plant anything. Simply let the Pepper-pults take out the zombies).
  • Plant the Sweet Potato in the third column, second row (the space you left empty in step two). If you notice, the Sweet Potato is perfectly positioned to attract the zombies away from the Pepper-pult.
  • Begin planting Pepper-pults in the empty back two columns. If a Dodo Rider Zombie comes, use Hurrikale or Cherry Bomb to take it out. Save up for another Sweet Potato.
  • If all goes well, you will be able to place another Sweet Potato. Plant this one in the fourth column, fourth row. It is also placed to divert the zombies from the Pepper-pult.
  • Now that the endangered Pepper-pults are safe, the object becomes to defend your brains. To do this, continue to plant Pepper-pults in the back two columns and use Potato Mines and Chili Beans to deal with high health zombies (Cave Buckethead Zombies, Blockhead Zombies). If things get rough, remember you still have the Cherry Bomb and Hurrikale. Also, remember to heal your Sweet Potatoes once in a while. If they get frozen, use Hot Potato quickly to remove the ice and protect the Pepper-pults.
  • If you did everything right, the final wave will be a breeze. Use Cherry Bomb and Hurrikale to stall and kill the zombies while your Pepper-pults bombard the zombies. Congratulations, you win. Prepare yourself, however, as the next level is a Gargantuar battle.

Strategy 3

Created by A plant
  • Required plants: Sunflower2 Chard Guard2 Pepper-pult2 Hot Potato2 Potato Mine2
  • Plant two full columns of Sunflower or first plant Sunflowers in the first column, except for the first row. Now plant two more Sunflowers in the second column in the third and fourth row. If the Cave Zombie comes, then put a Potato Mine in the place in the front of the endangered Pepper-pult. Now plant Pepper-pults behind the endangered ones, and also plant a Chard Guard in front. If the first Dodo Rider Zombie comes, then plant a Potato Mine. Now plant two Pepper-pults on the middle rows. In an emergency, use the Plant Food you have. Plant a Sun-shroom in the first and second columns.




  • The endangered A.K.E.E.s on Day 15 of Lost City are positioned on the same tiles as Pepper-pults in this level.
  • The note at the end of the level is reference to a scene in A Christmas Story where Schwartz sticks his tongue to a pole when dared to do so.
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