For the Chinese version of the level, see Frostbite Caves - Day 12 (Chinese version).
For the level before the v1.8 update, see Frostbite Caves - Day 12 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).

Frostbite Caves - Day 12 is the twelfth level of Frostbite Caves in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Last Stand level. The player is given 1900 sun and one Plant Food. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Frostbite Caves pinata.


Ranging from medium to hard, there are no snowstorms in this level. However, the winds, Cave Buckethead Zombies, and Hunter Zombies are troublesome in this level as they can leave the player vulnerable to their tandems. The Hunter Zombie and icy winds can freeze plants, allowing Cave Buckethead Zombies to pass through with ease.

The zombies and the gusts from icy winds in this level appear in a fixed pattern, so it is up to the player to provide a better countermeasure.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Freezing wind Note(s)
1 Cave Zombie2.png None None
2 Cave Conehead Zombie2.png1 Cave Conehead Zombie2.png5 None None
3 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png2 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png4 None Lanes: 2, 4
4 Hunter Zombie2.png4 Yeti Imp2.png1 Yeti Imp2.png2 Yeti Imp2.png3 Yeti Imp2.png5 Yeti Imp2.png None Lanes: 2, 3, 4 Carries 1x Plant Food.
5 Cave Zombie2.png Cave Conehead Zombie2.png Cave Conehead Zombie2.png Cave Conehead Zombie2.png Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png Yeti Imp2.png Yeti Imp2.png None Lanes: 1, 5
6 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png1 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png3 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png5 None None Carries 1x Plant Food.
7 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png1 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png5 Hunter Zombie2.png2 Hunter Zombie2.png4 None Lanes: 1, 3, 5
8 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png Dodo Rider Zombie2.png1 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png5 None None Carries 1x Plant Food.
9 Yeti Imp2.png1 Yeti Imp2.png2 Yeti Imp2.png3 Yeti Imp2.png4 Yeti Imp2.png5 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png1 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png2 Dodo Rider Zombie2.png4 None Lanes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
10 Cave Conehead Zombie2.png2 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png1 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png1 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png3 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png4 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png5 Cave Buckethead Zombie2.png5 Cave Flag Zombie2.png Hunter Zombie2.png3 Hunter Zombie2.png4 Hunter Zombie2.png Dodo Rider Zombie2.png Dodo Rider Zombie2.png None None Final wave.


Strategy 1

  • Required plants:
  • Plant five Pepper-pults on the second column.
  • Then plant two Magnet-shrooms highest and lowest spaces of third column. Fill up the other spaces three Snapdragons.
  • Plant two Infi-nuts front of Magnet-shrooms.
  • Plant a Spring Bean on the rightmost column. 
  • You will get one Plant Food from zombies. Stock it up.
  • Use a plant food on one Infi-nut. 
  • Since Pepper-pults will protect your plants except your Infi-nuts from being frozen so use Hot Potato on Infi-nuts only. If you do not do so you may lose.
  • During final wave wait for all zombies to enter the lawn. Then you may use plant

food Spring Bean+ Blover combo to finish the level quickly. As of the 6.71 update, this strategy no longer works because they have removed the Spring Bean/Blover combo.

Strategy 2  (May contain gem premium content)

Created by 951753xx
  • Required plants:
  • Suggested plants:
  • The level is a Last Stand, so do not worry about speed.
  • Begin the level by planting a Bowling Bulb in the following spaces:
    • First column, first row
    • First column, third row
    • First column, fifth row
  • Next, fill in the remaining spaces in the first column with Pepper-pults. Plant Wall-nuts to fill the second column. Take note that the Pepper-pults are now keeping both the Bowling Bulbs and the Wall-nuts warm.
  • The positioning of the Bonk Choys and Split Peas is crucial to this setup. Place a Bonk Choy in the seventh column, second row. Place a second one in the seventh column, fourth row (right behind the two frontmost sliders). If you notice, when the zombies come, they will slide right around the Bonk Choy, allowing it to attack them without harm. The same concept applies with the Split Peas. Place them in the fifth column, first row, and fifth column, fifth row.
  • You are now ready to start the attack. Take note that you are only given one Plant Food, but a Dodo Rider Zombie will supply you with another later in the level. If the winds or Hunter Zombies freeze your Bonk Choys and Split Peas, use a Hot Potato to thaw them out. Use a Plant Food only when you actually need it.
  • If you planted everything exactly, then you should have no problem winning the level. Congratulations, you win! Prepare for more icy troubles ahead.

Strategy 3

  • Required plants:
  • Fill the first column with Laser Beans.
  • In the second column, put Pepper-pults in the second row, the third row and the fourth row. In the first and fifth rows, put Chard Guards.
  • In the third column, put Infi-nuts in the first row and the fifth row.
  • Use your Plant Food on your Infi-nuts if they are close to get eaten or to freeze.
  • If one of your plants freezes, use a Hot Potato on it immediately.
  • If the things get really bad, use a Plant Food on one of your Laser Beans.

EDIT by Mathdude314: Here is the setup in picture form:

Laser Bean2.pngChard Guard2.pngInfi-nut2.png
Laser Bean2.pngPepper-pult2.png
Laser Bean2.pngPepper-pult2.png
Laser Bean2.pngPepper-pult2.png
Laser Bean2.pngChard Guard2.pngInfi-nut2.png

Strategy 4

Created by Mathdude314

Place plants like this:


If you chose Kernel-pult or Cabbage-pult, place it instead of the Peashooters.

If things get rough, use Plant Food on a Pepper-pult (for damage) or on an Infi-nut (for defense). If the zombies start breaking through in the final wave, shovel plants in rows that have no zombies.

Strategy 5

Created by RaidingParty

This strategy can complete the level without Plant Food, paid content, premium plants, or losing lawn mowers.

  • Required plants:
  • In the first column, plant three Laser Beans in the top, bottom, and center lanes. In the second column, plant two Pepper-pults in the second and fourth lanes, and one Magnet-shroom between them. Put three Snapdragons in the third column in the tiles ahead of the Pepper-pults/Magnet-shroom, Finally, put a Magnet-shroom directly behind the ice floes in the top and bottom lanes. This will leave 150 sun remaining.
  • This group will kill all the enemies easily by themselves, without need for Plant Food. The only threats are the Dodo Riders coming in on the top and bottom lanes as they can threaten the Magnet-shrooms there, so use Blover when they hop upward to kill them off. There will be enough leftover sun to blow away all Dodo Riders coming in those lanes, save for maybe an extra one on the final wave in higher Dynamic Difficulties. The Hunter Zombies actually help a great deal by constantly freezing those Magnet-shrooms, which not only shields them from Dodos (making Blover almost not needed), but also resets their cooldowns once they are thawed, allowing them to steal buckets much faster than usual. Hot Potatoes and the nearby Laser Beans/Snapdragons makes thawing them easy.
  • Cherry Bombs and Wall-nuts are available in case of an emergency, such as an extremely lucky Buckethead getting through the gantlet during the Final Wave's cold snap/Hunter freezing spam.

Strategy 6  (May contain premium content)

Created by Sinanco


Strategy 7

Created by ZOMGDestroyer

Place the plants in this order:






P = Pepper-pult I = Infi-nut S = Snapdragon M = Magnet-shroom

  • You will not need Plant Food and Hot Potato. Sometimes a Dodo Rider Zombie or a zombie may damage an Infi-nut and or a Magnet-shroom, but these plants should not die. If you have Fire Peashooter, you may replace the Pepper-pults with Fire Peashooters.

Strategy 8

Created by CitronBomb

Strategy layout:






  • P - Cabbage/Kernel-pult
  • PP - Pepper-pult
  • SD - Snapdragon
  • N - Wall-nut
    • When using this setup, a Buckethead may eat up a whole lane (when tested, this happened on the first lane). When this happens, immediately trigger the lawn mower, if you have Mower Launch. Let it walk if you do not Mower Launch. Save Plant Food for last wave or ninth wave.

Strategy 9

Pepper Thistle Strategy.png

  • Required plants:
  • This strategy will use your entire sun reserves, and only uses the two leftmost columns. In the first column, completely fill it with Pepper-pults. In the second column, put Infi-nuts on the top and bottom tiles, and put Homing Thistles on the remaining three tiles.
  • Your Pepper-pults should protect your plants from the winds, and if you use Plant Food on an Infi-nut, the Hot Potato will not be needed, as the barrier protects your plants from Hunter Zombies. When zombies drop Plant Food, it is recommended to use them on Pepper-pults. Although the Homing Thistle's upgrade can be powerful, it does not last long enough to be of any use. If you use an Infi-nut's barrier, it is also recommended to save at least one Plant Food in case the barrier is destroyed.

Strategy 10 (Invincible Killing Machine strategy)

  • Required plants:
    • Pepper-pult or Fire Peashooter
    • Celery Stalker
    • Wall-nut
    • Hot Potato
    • Spikeweed (optional)
  • Place two Celery Stalkers on column 7, and two more on column 5, behind the slider tiles.
  • Place a Pepper-pult or Fire Peashooter on the third lane of column 6, where it can heat up both Celery Stalkers. Put a Wall-nut in front.
  • Place Pepper-pults or Fire Peashooters on the second and fourth lanes of column 5, to heat up the Celery Stalkers. Alternatively, since those two stalkers are less important, just put the Pepper-pults in the top-left and bottom-left corner, where they can destroy the ice the slow way.
  • Optional: Put Spikeweed in front of the Wall-nut and behind the Celery Stalkers.
  • Be ready to defrost plants with Hot Potato as needed, especially the Wall-nut.

Strategy 11 (Super Easy 2-plant Strategy)

  • Required plants:
  • Place Pepper-pult in the first column behind Primal Peashooter.
  • Place Primal Peashooter in the second column.
  • Use Plant Food if there are huge swarms of Cave Bucketheads or Blockhead Zombies. Hunter Zombies are no problem.
  • How it works:
    • Primal Peashooter knocks back zombies, giving you enough time to kill them.
    • Pepper-pult warms up Primal Peashooter and thins the horde.

Strategy 12 (Easy win)

  • Requires:
    • Pepper-pult
    • Phat Beet/Snapdragon/Cold Snapdragon
    • Wall-nut
    • Hot Potato
    • Celery Stalker.

Place three Pepper-pults in the first column, in the first, third and fifth lanes. In the second column, place a Phat Beet or Snapdragon in the first lane, a Pepper-pult in the second, a Phat Beet or Snapdragon in the third, a Pepper-pult in the fourth, and Phat Beet or Snapdragon in the fifth. Then just place a column of Wall-nuts. Place your Celery Stalkers behind each push tile except the leftmost ones. Unfreeze them with your Hot Potato.

Save up your Plant Food for the last wave. Celery Stalkers will take care of all high toughness zombies.

The Celery Stalkers are positioned so that they can never be eaten. Zombies will get pushed out of the way, then pushed back again into the range of the Celery Stalkers. The only danger is the biting winds and the Hunter Zombies as they will freeze your Celery Stalker.

Strategy 13 (Cold Dragon Snare)  (May contain premium content)

Created by Chainut
  • Requires:
    • Cold Snapdragon
    • Blover

Like this picture and use Blover blow those Dodo Rider Zombies when they are flying.

Plant Cold Snapdragon in the pattern like that picture (Behind sliders and 2 more) since Cold Snapdragon cannot be frozen by Both Freezing Wind and those Hunter Zombies. When you see Dodo Rider Zombies are flying, Use Blover to blow them away at that moment.

Strategy 14  (May contain premium content)

  • The layout is easy. Put any plant you want and can afford on column 1 and Pepper-pults down column 2. If you have leftover sun you would like to use, adjust your defenses to column 3 (try not to exceed to column 4). Otherwise, save up your remaining sun.
  • The strategy is straightforward. By using only 2-3 columns of plants, Pepper-pults (who are placed at the front) absorb hits from Hunter Zombies, neutralizing the threat while also warming nearby plants. No need to worry about maximizing space either, few columns of defenses packed together means there’s no worry.
  • The plant you put behind Pepper-pult should cost under 200 (unless you’ve leveled up your Pepper-pults). My favorites are the way they are because the former is very easy to obtain and it can stall effectively, and the latter is a nice way to clean up threats.
  • The optional plants are only support for when things go wrong during the battle. Use Wall-nut to stall one or two Bucketheads who get too close for comfort, and Cherry Bomb for larger groups. If you don’t save leftover sun for these kinds of plants, don’t use them completely and upgrade your main defenses.
  • The best plant to use with Pepper-pult is Primal Peashooter, because it’s fairly easy to access and works wonders in stalling. Basically, what you’re doing here is Strategy 11 but you switch the placments.




The third Plant Food (in the Plant Food bar) and fourth Plant Food (from the Buckethead)

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