Freeze 'Em is the fifth Vasebreaker level in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the second level in the Egyptian Challenge Pack. The main zombie here is Explorer Zombie. There are 30 vases, and one contains Plant Food.


  • The Explorer Zombies are very dangerous if they are inside the leftmost vases. Always keep an Iceberg Lettuce available in case this happens.
  • The Buckethead Mummy can also be troublesome if it is inside one of the leftmost vase.


  • Break the vase from the rightmost column to get some Cabbage-pults and possibly Repeaters. Save the green vases when seeing the Explorer Zombies.
  • Try to save Iceberg Lettuces for Explorer Zombies.
  • Feed Plant Food on an Iceberg Lettuce or Cabbage-pult to make the level easier.
  • Keep Repeaters in the back. They're the best at killing the zombies out of the given plants, so keeping them alive is the most important goal.



Egyptian Challenge Freeze 'Em

Egyptian Challenge Freeze 'Em

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