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[[Category:Ancient Egypt levels]]
[[Category:Ancient Egypt levels]]
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[[Category:Vasebreaker (Plants vs. Zombies 2)]]
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Freeze 'Em is the fifth Vasebreaker level in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the second level in the Egyptian Challenge Pack. The main zombie here is Explorer Zombie. There are 30 vases, and one contains Plant Food.


  • The Explorer Zombies are very dangerous if they are inside the leftmost vases. Always keep an Iceberg Lettuce in case this happens.


  • Break the vase from the rightmost column to get some Cabbage-pults and possibly Repeaters. Save the green vases when seeing the Explorer Zombies.
  • Try to save Iceberg Lettuces for Explorer Zombies.
  • Feed Plant Food on a Iceberg Lettuce or Cabbage-pult to make the level easier.


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