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The Flytrap line (捕蝇草系; pinyin: bǔ yíng cǎo xì) was a Class A PvZAS Icon TenaciousTenacious plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

The line consisted of Slap Grass (拍拍草; pinyin: pāi pāi cǎo), Venus Flytrap (捕蝇草; pinyin: bǔ yíng cǎo), and Chainsaw Flytrap (电锯捕蝇草; pinyin: diànjù bǔ yíng cǎo). They all specialized in self-sustaining.

Slap Grass attacked by swatting zombies with the flyswatter-like leaf on its head, while Venus Flytrap and Chainsaw Flytrap attack by biting.



All members of the Flytrap line were based on the Venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States.

Almanac entry

Flytrap line Almanac

Ways to obtain

Flytrap line was given as a reward for collecting 30 stars in American Suburbs. Additional puzzle pieces could be obtained by replaying The Great Wall of China - Day 18, Kongfu World - Day 8, Viking World - Day 28 or through Soulmates Puzzle system.


Abilities were unlocked by tiering up, while their effect was increased through star leveling.

Note: 10(+5)% means that at LV1 this ability had a 10% on LV1, 15% on LV2 and so on.

Tier Effect Description
1 Flytrap line Ability1
Vampire Attack
Deals damage to the closest enemy in its lane and restores health equal to 50% of damage dealt.
Additional damage 450(+450).
2 Flytrap line Ability2
Cold Biting
Vampire Attack deals 340(+340) more damage to frozen targets.
3 Flytrap line Ability3
Nutritious Digestion
Each kill restores 240(+240) health and generates 50(+25) wrath during the course of 2 turns.

Star leveling

After unlocking the Flytrap line, additional puzzle pieces could be used to upgrade it, which increased its stats and ability LVs.

Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS required Upgrade Coins Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS required Upgrade Coins
1 Green StarAS 0 HP IconAS+439


0k 1 Purple StarAS 40 HP IconAS+873 100k
2 Green StarAS 2 Def IconAS+256 1k 2 Purple StarAS 40 Dmg IconAS+167 121k
3 Green StarAS 4 Dodge+292 4k 3 Purple StarAS 50 Dodge+960 144k
4 Green StarAS 8 Def IconAS+294 9k 4 Purple StarAS 50 HP IconAS+1010 169k
5 Green StarAS 15 HP IconAS+501


16k 5 Purple StarAS 60 Dmg IconAS+168


1 Blue StarAS 15 Def IconAS+369 25k 1 Orange StarAS 60 Dmg IconAS+208 225k
2 Blue StarAS 20 HP IconAS+609 36k 2 Orange StarAS 70 HP IconAS+1034 256k
3 Blue StarAS 20 Rigid+223 49k 3 Orange StarAS 70 Rigid+460 289k
4 Blue StarAS 30 HP IconAS+740 64k 4 Orange StarAS 80 Dmg IconAS+272 324k
5 Blue StarAS 30 Dmg IconAS+144


81k 5 Orange StarAS 80 HP IconAS+1089




Flytrap line stats would be increased if these specific plants were unlocked.

Plant line Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Tail line CattailAS
Def IconAS+5%
Def IconAS+10%
Def IconAS+15%
Hazelnut line PistachioAS
Hazelnut BallAS
Chrysanthemum line+
Electric Grass line
Small DaisyAS+Lightning ReedAS
HP IconAS+5%
Marigold2+Magnifying GrassAS
HP IconAS+10%
Golden ChrysanthemumAS+Thunder God GrassAS
HP IconAS+15%


The Flytrap line was one of the first plant lines the player received in the game, so it could easily be outclassed stronger plant line received late-game, such as the Choy line which could easily be unlocked through a daily reward.

The Flytrap line's and the Sunflower line's active abilities activating at the same time could give the Flytrap line a great amount of health, maybe even healing them almost to full health.


Slap Grass

Venus Flytrap

Chainsaw Flytrap


  • The Flytrap line was changed between updates.
    • There was a game mechanic, based on elements. Flytrap line element was wind.
    • Flytrap line's feature was purple.
    • Supposedly, tier 3 ability was completely different during beta. It was called "Vampire Chainsaw" and it increased healing effect of Vampire Attack by 30% (up to 80% total).
    • Flytrap line used to have combinations with Cactus line, members of which increased Slap Grass' dodge by 10%, and with Clover line or Tail line, all members of which increased Slap Grass' defense by 15% and health by 20%.
    • Flytrap line used to have these upgrades:
      • Weapon: branch spear. Armor: moss armor. Costume: common bow tie. 500 coins
      • Weapon: branch spear. Armor: weed armor. Costume: common bow tie+1. 1000 coins
      • Weapon: bamboo spear. Armor: weed armor. Costume: common bow tie+2. 5000 coins
  • Venus Flytrap was the only plant in its evolution line not to have a fly hovering around it during its idle animation.
  • Slap Grass was the only tier in the line that didn't have spikes.
  • Due to a glitch, Venus Flytrap didn't have a mouth in-game.
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