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Flying Imp was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. He flew past the plants to grab the Baby Starfruit and then flew back to the other side. If not defeated in time the player would lose a star.


The Flying Imp only appears once per level had extremely high toughness in general. It slowly flies to the back of the lawn and grab the Baby Starfruit then returns in the original route.Its toughness varied between levels. For average levels it had more toughness which usually required multiple instant kills and its toughness increased as the player progressed. In conveyor belt levels it had lower toughness and only needed 0 to 2 instant kills to be beaten.

Flying Imp also flew across the lawn, meaning it did not eat plants but instead flew over them. However, unlike Balloon Zombie, it could still be targeted by non-instant kills, while Potato Mine, Tangle Kelp and Squash did not target it.


As it did not eat plants and not targeted by Squash, Nut Wujing, Monk Flower and Pig Squash are not suggested Heroes to be used against it.

Use multiple instant kills on it as soon as possible to maximize the damage it takes. Slowing it down using Snow Pea or Winter Melon can also buy time for other plants to damage it.

During the night, there was much less sun so Monk Flower should be used to provide extra sun.



  • Despite not targeting it, a Squash could deal damage and kill Flying Imp if it attacked due to another nearby zombie.
  • Despite it being a flying zombie, it couldn't be blown away by Blover.
  • If a level is being stalled long enough (e.g. during Boss fights), it will appear again.
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