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Flax Cannon

Flax Cannon is a plant that guards the Mega Flower in the Driftwood Shores map and Driftwood Shores Night. It appears as a couple of flowers that shoot fireballs at the zombies. There are three in the game. It requires a player interaction to fire. After the player interacts with it, he or she will control the Flax Cannon until the cannon is destroyed. Each direct hit deals 60 damage and fire damage afterwards. When a Flax Cannon is destroyed, each Zombie player will earn 250 coins.


The name is a pun on Flak Cannon, the nickname for an Anti-Aircraft weapon. During World War II, the Allies usually called the German Anti-Aircraft weapons "Flak Cannons."



Aim for the zombies that fly high when you use the Flax Cannon.

Also, try to have someone guarding the platform with the Flax Cannons since they cannot attack zombies that have already landed and are attacking it from the ground.


When the Plant Team is using the Flax Cannons, it is best to fly low to the island, as the Flax cannot fire very low, but not too low because you will get instantly killed by crashing into the water.

As an Engineer you can use the Zombot Drone or Rocket Drone to destroy Flax Cannons or fly across to the island as the drone and destroy the Flax Cannons that way or damage the Mega Flower, but by the time the drone arrives it will only have half of its fuel left, so it is best to get there as the Engineer and land somewhere off to the side and control the drone from the island to get the most flying time so you can do more damage.



Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Such A Close Game!

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Such A Close Game!

Flax Cannon gameplay


  • When it is destroyed, every player in Team Zombie is rewarded with 250 coins. The same thing happens when a Tallnut Cannon or a Corn Mortar is destroyed.
  • It is the only special plant that needs to be interacted by players for it to work.
  • Similar to the deployed weapon in the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor franchise, this plant resembles an Anti-Aircraft Gun called the Flakvierling on the Wehrmacht faction, its name on the other hand is derived from the World War II-era German 8.8 cm Flak 18/36/37/41 artillery gun, nicknamed the "Flak 88" or just simply the "eighty-eight".
  • This is the only "potted" plant in the series that allows players to directly interact with it.
  • When a player gets a vanquish with this, it counts toward their vanquish streak.
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