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This article pertains to a game that is currently unavailable. It will return soon with major updates and changes made, but for now this page reflects its last available version.
Not to be confused with Flax Cannon

Rude Superfood for High Altitudes

Flak Seed is an Epic Lobber plant Plants vs. Zombies 3. She costs 5 sun and attacks zombies by firing lobbed exploding seeds. The seeds that Flak Seed fires explodes into fragments that damage other nearby zombies in adjacent lanes.

Flak Seed is also acts as a hard counter to Flying Zombies, as she prioritizes them over other, ground-based zombies, as well as firing three seeds at Flying Zombies as opposed to one. These seeds deal extra damage compared to seeds fired at Non-Flying Zombies.


Flak Seed is based on the flax (Linum usitatissimum), a plant of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae that is cultivated around many regions for its seeds and fibers.

Her name is a pun on "Flaxseed", seeds harvested from the flax plant that is used to make linseed oil, and "Flak cannon", the nickname for an Anti-Aircraft weapon, referencing her ability to prioritize, and deal extra damage to, Flying Zombies.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Flak Seed
Electric Damage Icon.pngElectric Epic
Rapid Fire
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Sun PvZ3.png Lobs seeds that explode in to fragments, prioritizing fliers as her targets. Lobs 3 seed at a time at flying zombies, but
only 1 seed otherwise. Suppressing!
Attack Damage
Seeds Fired
Attack Speed
3 s
DPS vs. Fliers
Damage per Second
Seed Shards
10 s

Effective against:
Balloon Zombie PvZ3 portrait.png Pigeon Feeder PvZ3 portrait.png Zombot Drone PvZ3 portrait.png Jetpack Zombie PvZ3 portrait.png
Flak Seed's vision at ground level? Not so good. Her slightly-above-ground vision, however, is the best. And those two legit different types of vision, according to Flak Seed, who works off her wartime scars with amateur optometry.


Plant Food effect

Flak Seed's Plant Food ability is named Seed Strike, in which Flak Seed fires a valley of seed cluster bombs, when these cluster bombs hit a zombie, they explode into regular exploding seeds, which themselves explode into damaging seed fragments when they hit a zombie.


Flak Seed's Tacobility is Flaktastic. When used, it allows Flak Seed's seeds to explode into even more fragments, which are able to damage more than one zombie at a time.


On her own, Flak Seed may seem a bit overpriced considering her attack and substantial fragmentation ability, but where she excels is attacking Flying Zombies. As such, Flak Seed is best used when playing levels with a large amount of dangerous Flying Zombies such as Zombot Drones.

Balance changes

May 26, 2020 Patch

  • No longer splits into fragments when targeting non-flyers.
  • Flak Seed has had its Plant Food damage boost reduced from 900% to 400%.


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