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Flag Zombie

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Flag Zombie is a Spawnable Zombie in Gardens & Graveyards in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Its plant counterpart is the Flag Weed. Once spawned, it tracks down zombies, gives a 7% speed boost to them in Garden Warfare, and a defense boost in the sequel, even in Garden Ops Mode (this includes all zombie heroes but does not pertain to any boss except the Disco Zombie). Because they are faster than the other zombies, they warn the player about a huge wave of zombies similarly to what they did in Plants vs. Zombies. This can potentially be a slightly bigger threat, although it is relatively weak. Its attack is named Flag Whack, and each whack deals 15 damage.


A Flag Zombie has 60 health.


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Description about the Flag Zombie

His Brainz flag gives a speed boost to all Zombies around him.



  • There is a pirate version which only appears in Garden Ops maps Port Scallywag and Sharkbite Shores.
  • Zombies who are given the speed boost would have a red trail behind them.
  • In Garden Ops, it has his own special wave named Marathon, referencing the fact that it has fast speed.
  • If it stands around long enough, it will put the flag in its mouth.
  • It, Heal Zombie, Screen Door Zombie, Map Pirate, and Newspaper Zombie are the only zombies to attack plants with their held item.
  • It is one of two summonable zombies that affect playable zombies, the other one being the Heal Zombie.
    • Coincidentally, both of them carry flags.
  • For some reason, in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, they have buckets on their heads.
    • This is similar to Screen Door Zombies as they now have roadcones on their heads.
  • In Garden Warfare 2, the stickerbook says it provides zombies with a speed boost, however actually now gives them a defense boost similar to the Flag Weed.
  • In Garden Warfare 2, the zombie will follow player or AI zombies around and stay with them. The Heal Zombie will do the same.
  • Its attack speed is faster than a normal Browncoat variant. This may reference how Flag Zombie was faster than a normal zombie in the first game.
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