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Flag Zombies are Zombies that announce a huge wave of zombies. They are shown on the level progress bar as a red flag with a brain picture on it. They have the same health as a regular Zombie, but move slightly faster. They can appear on both land and water with a Ducky Tube. He is the second zombie the player encounters in Plants vs. Zombies and also the second zombie in the Suburban Almanac.

Suburban Almanac entry

Flag Zombie
Flag Zombie marks the arrival of a huge
pile or "wave" of zombies.
Toughness: low
Make no mistake, Flag Zombie loves brains.
But somewhere down the line he also picked
up a fascination with flags. Maybe it's
because the flags always have brains on
them. Hard to say.


Flag Zombie absorbs 200 damage per shot, and its appearance changes upon an absorption of 100 normal damage shots before dying at 200 damage per shot. It moves at a slightly faster speed than a normal Zombie.


Flag Zombie appears in mostly every level in the game, the only exceptions to this include -

Along with this, despite having two flags, no Flag Zombie will appear during the first flag of Level 5-5 or Bungee Blitz, but one will appear during the final wave.


Versus Mode

In Versus Mode, Flag Zombies cost 300 brains, but when placed, the message "A Huge Wave of Zombies is Approaching!" will appear, meaning a huge wave will come out of the bushes. This can be very strategic at the beginning of a match by quickly collecting 300 brains and rushing them against your enemy; they could also help to support the player's forces with additional zombies if their rival already has strong defenses.

Related Achievement

The Complete Zombie2.png
The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!


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  • In the Game of the Year version, customized zombies (Zombatars) can be made in-game, and will appear as Flag Zombies.
    • If the player makes multiple Zombatars, the Flag Zombie will have random Zombatar appearances.
  • In Survival Mode (Hard), the player gets credit for completing a mid-level huge wave only when the Flag Zombie dies.
  • A Zombatar Flag Zombie's jaw will not move, it is closed only.
  • When the player freezes or kills a Zombatar Flag Zombie, all the accessories on it will turn white and fall off it.
  • Flag Zombie, Backup Dancer, Zombie Yeti (except in Level 4-10 after the first time), and Zombie Bobsled Team (except in Bobsled Bonanza) are the only zombies that can appear in a level without being shown in the seed selection (not counting the zombies dropped by Dr. Zomboss's Zombot and the ones from Invisi-ghoul).
  • Flag Zombies can appear as Ducky Tube Zombies during the Pool and Fog levels.
    • They can also have the Zombatar effect.
  • Flag Zombie is one of the zombies that did not appear in Level 5-10. The others are the Balloon Zombie, Zombie Bobsled Team, Digger Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer, and the aquatic zombies.
  • Flag Zombie's clothes and skin color are not edited. They are just like the regular Zombie except for a speed boost and added flag.
  • Flag Zombie is the most expensive zombie in Versus Mode, due to him representing a huge wave. When the Flag Zombie is planted, seven zombies will appear: four regular Zombies, two Conehead Zombies, and one Buckethead Zombie, although in the DS version of Versus Mode, the zombies that appear are more random and may not contain Buckethead Zombies.
  • After 100 damage per shot, not only will his arm fall off, but his flag will also be damaged with several holes, and when the player kills him, he will drop the flag and fall like a normal Zombie does.
  • If he has no arm and he is eating a plant, he will look like it is eating without using hands.
  • When this zombie dies, he will sometimes walk backwards and act like it is punching the air.
    • Normal Zombie variants share this trait.
  • The Plants vs. Zombies Guide To Defending Your Brains jokes about why Flag Zombie moves faster: possibly due to the wind pushing him along like a sailboat.
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