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Flag Zombies and their world-themed variants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 are Zombies that announce a huge wave of zombies. They are shown on the level progress bar as a red flag with a brain picture on it. They have the same health as a regular Zombie, but move slightly faster. They can appear on both land and water with a Ducky Tube. He is the second zombie the player encounters in Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2 and is also the second zombie in the Suburban Almanac.

Almanac entry

Plants vs. Zombies

Flag Zombie
Flag Zombie marks the arrival of a huge
pile or "wave" of zombies.
Toughness: low
Make no mistake, Flag Zombie loves brains.
But somewhere down the line he also picked
up a fascination with flags. Maybe it's
because the flags always have brains on
them. Hard to say.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

His flag marks the arrival of a huge pile or "wave" of zombies.

A spelling impaired zombie named "Brian," Flag Zombie keeps thinking the rest of the zombies are talking to him. At least he feels important.

Flag Mummy Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge sandy "wave" of zombies.

Egyptian Flag Zombie is so far behind he thinks he's in first place. He's clearly living in de-Nile.

Flag Pirate Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge salty "wave" of zombies.

A zombie that needs no introduction.

Flag Cowboy Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge dusty "wave" of zombies.

The Lone Brainer leads the way.

Future Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge future-proof "wave" of zombies.

Sometimes Future Flag Zombie regrets having to be at the bleeding edge of zombie wave advancement technology.

Peasant Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge dark "wave" of zombies.

They keep telling Peasant Zombie that there is no greater reward than being granted the banner to carry into battle. But when he sees other Peasant Zombies being granted cones, buckets, and even helms, he thinks maybe they're making that up so they don't hurt his feelings.

Beach Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge wet "wave" of zombies.

Talk about a disgruntled zombie. Beach Flag Zombie is fed up. None of the other zombies seem to appreciate just how difficult it is for him to swim while holding a flag. Not once have they thanked him for doing the hard work that needs to be done. So it shouldn't come as a surprise: He's been interviewing for jobs somewhere else.

Cave Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge frosty "wave" of zombies.

Cave Flag Zombie has been in the flag-carrying business for a long time. It's been his life's work. He's good at it. But sometimes, just sometimes, he longs for a change. He wonders if he could be good at something else. He wonders if he could leave it all behind and start fresh. He's pretty sure he's having a mid-life crisis.

Flag Adventurer Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of an intrepid "wave" of zombies.

Flag Adventurer Zombie is always shouting "Tally ho!" as he leads the charge. At least, he's shouting it in his head.

Neon Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Marks the arrival of a huge mixtape-making "wave" of zombies.

Fluorescent colors and little yellow plastic strips are the marks of a truly hip, groundbreaking new style of zombie wave flag.

Jurassic Flag Zombie

SPEED: Hungry

Marks the arrival of a huge epochal "wave" of highly anachronistic zombies.

He's not only got a flag, but he's also got a can-do attitude and a fierce hunger for success. Success and brains.

Roman Flag Zombie

SPEED: Basic

The flag indicates more zombies are on their way!

In Ancient Rome, flags were often used on the battlefield to direct troop movements. Though come on: how much direction do you really need to shuffle leftward?

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version) (China only)

    Flag Kongfu Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Basic
    Kongfu Zombie holding a flag, it usually means that zombies are coming.

    Flag Zombie is a natural leader, so he doesn't need to be Kongfu, just only the Flag.

    In Chinese: 举着旗子的功夫僵尸 , 通常意味着一大波僵尸的来临 。

    旗子僵尸是天生的领导者 , 因此他不需要会功夫 , 只需要会舞旗即可 。

    Flag Monk Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Basic
    Waves the flag, leading to a big wave of zombies.

    He was previously responsible for the flag-raising ceremony in the synagogue.

    In Chinese: 挥舞旗帜 , 引领一大波僵尸前来 。

    他以前就负责堂里的升旗仪式 。

    Flag Pilot Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Basic
    Leads the arrival of a large wave of flying zombies!

    In Flag Pilot Zombie's opinion, if you want to walk in the forefront of fashion, the bright side of the banner is very important. However, zombies are only concerned about his ability to lead them to find fresh brains, what fashion, and can not be used to eat.

    In Chinese: 引领着一大波飞行僵尸的到来 !

    在飞行旗帜僵尸看来 , 若是想要走在时尚的前沿 , 一面鲜明的旗帜是非常重要的 。 然而 , 僵尸们却只关心他能否带领他们找到新鲜的脑子 , 时尚什么的 , 并不能拿来吃啊 。

    Flag Labor Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Basic
    Marks the arrival of a huge wave of steam zombies.

    Flag Labor Zombie is the most convincing of all zombies. All the zombies are amazed that he can work in a well-organized manner and never work overtime. This time, he was awarded the best employee flag to mark his ability!

    In Chinese:


    Flag Aristocrat Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Basic
    Marks the arrival of a huge wave of aristocratic zombies.

    The Aristocrat Flag Zombie is the most arrogant of zombies. He likes to give orders to other zombies. Even though the other zombies are somewhat unsatisfied, who else can call it the flag of the highest honor of Dr. Zomboss?

    In Chinese:



Flag Zombie absorbs 200 damage per shot, and its appearance changes upon an absorption of 100 normal damage shots before dying at 200 damage per shot. It moves at a slightly faster speed than a normal Zombie.



Like regular Zombies, a Flag Zombie can be easily killed by Peashooters and other offensive plants. They are only holding flags, which have no effect on their health. Flag Zombies move slightly faster than ordinary Zombies in the first game, so they may be able to get a slightly longer distance. Otherwise, they are just as good as normal Zombies. If it is one or more waves further into the game, be sure you have a good defense or else the zombies will overpower you. However, don't use a Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb or Doom-shroom until more zombies have entered the screen, as they won't be as effective until tougher zombies have been deployed. Using the above will make a huge difference in large waves.

Versus Mode

In Versus Mode, Flag Zombies cost 300 brains, but when placed, the message "A Huge Wave of Zombies is Approaching!" will appear, meaning a huge wave will come out of the bushes. This can be very strategic at the beginning of a match by quickly collecting 300 brains and rushing them against your enemy; they could also help to support the player's forces with additional zombies if their rival already has strong defenses.

Related Achievement

The Complete Zombie2
The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!


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Specific to Plants vs. Zombies

  • In the Game of the Year version, customized zombies (Zombatars) can be made in-game, and will appear as Flag Zombies.
    • If the player makes multiple Zombatars, the Flag Zombie will have random Zombatar appearances.
  • In Survival Mode (Hard), the player gets credit for completing a mid-level huge wave only when the Flag Zombie dies.
  • A Zombatar Flag Zombie's jaw will not move, it is closed only.
  • When the player freezes or kills a Zombatar Flag Zombie, all the accessories on it will turn white and fall off it.
  • Flag Zombie, Backup Dancer, Zombie Yeti (except in Level 4-10 after the first time), and Zombie Bobsled Team (except in Bobsled Bonanza) are the only zombies that can appear in a level without being shown in the seed selection (not counting the zombies dropped by Dr. Zomboss's Zombot and the ones from Invisi-ghoul).
  • Flag Zombies can appear as Ducky Tube Zombies during the Pool and Fog levels.
    • They can also have the Zombatar effect.
  • Flag Zombie is one of the zombies that did not appear in Level 5-10. The others are the Balloon Zombie, Zombie Bobsled Team, Digger Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer, and the aquatic zombies.
  • Flag Zombie's clothes and skin color are not edited. They are just like the regular Zombie except for a speed boost and added flag.
  • Flag Zombie is the most expensive zombie in Versus Mode, due to him representing a huge wave. When the Flag Zombie is planted, seven zombies will appear: four regular Zombies, two Conehead Zombies, and one Buckethead Zombie, although in the DS version of Versus Mode, the zombies that appear are more random and may not contain Buckethead Zombies.
  • The Flag Zombie appears in every level except in 1-1 the first time, 2-5, 3-5 (DS, DSiWare), 4-5, 5-10, Whack a Zombie, Dr. Zomboss's Revenge, ZomBotany, ZomBotany 2, Zombiquarium, Heat Wave, BOMB All Together!, Homerun Derby, Zombie Trap, Air Raid, Ice Level, and Squirrel.
  • After 100 damage per shot, not only will his arm fall off, but his flag will also be damaged with several holes, and when the player kills him, he will drop the flag and fall like a normal Zombie does.
  • If he has no arm and he is eating a plant, he will look like it is eating without using hands.
  • When this zombie dies, he will sometimes walk backwards and act like it is punching the air.
    • Normal Zombie variants share this trait.
  • The Plants vs. Zombies Guide To Defending Your Brains jokes about why Flag Zombie moves faster: possibly due to the wind pushing him along like a sailboat.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • According to the almanac, his name is Brian, as the almanac states it is "a spelling impaired zombie named Brian."
    • "Brian" is an anagram of "Brain."
    • This is one of the only times a zombie was given an actual name.
  • Flag Zombie's flag is a lot bigger in this game.
    • He also moves at the same speed as a Basic Zombie.
  • The Flag Zombie is the only zombie with a human name, which is "Brian" and "Brain" is similar to "Brian".
  • Unlike the one-lane level of the original game (Level 1-1), a Flag Zombie will appear on the final wave of Player's House - Day 1.
  • The Halloween Flag Zombie resembles the Scarecrow from the movie "The Wizard of Oz", who, like the zombies, desired brains. His flag also features Pumpkin instead of a brain.
    • His flag pole is a bone instead of a wooden stick.
  • Each time-themed Flag Zombie follows the same sentence for each of them, only with the change of the adjective of the word "wave". The only exceptions are both Kongfu World's variations which are unique. Flags Pilot Zombie's entry is a slight variation, starting with 'Leads' instead of 'Marks'
  • Flag Mummy Zombie's Almanac entry says "Egyptian Flag Zombie" instead of "Flag Mummy Zombie".
  • The Flag Mummy Zombie says that he's living in "de-Nile". This is a pun of the Nile River, a river in Egypt, and the phrase "living in denial".
  • Sometimes when a Flag Pirate Zombie dies, he will stand up headless before he disappears.
  • The flag the Flag Cowboy Zombie has is the "Lone Star" flag of Texas, with the white star changed to a brain.
  • In the Cowboy Flag Zombie's Almanac entry it says "The Lone Brainer leads the way", which is a pun on The Lone Ranger.
  • Future Flag Zombie's flag is holographic and unlike the other flags, the holographic flag does not deteriorate. When the Future Flag Zombie dies, the flag simply disappears, leaving only the pole.
    • If the player looks closely, they can see through the holographic flag.
      • This effect also applies to the Infi-nut and the Dr. Zomboss hologram above in every Boss level.
        • Also the "brain" icon is blue, which is different than the other variants.
  • In the Almanac, Peasant Flag Zombie had a bone sticking out from its arm prior to the 2.5.1 update.
    • However, Flag Adventurer Zombie currently has a bone sticking out from his arm.
  • The Peasant Flag Zombie's flag is the only one to not be rectangular in shape.
  • Beach Flag Zombie is the first Flag Zombie to have a different look than that area's regular Zombie.
    • This may be due to the fact that Big Wave Beach introduces two types of regular zombies.
  • Flag Mummy Zombie and Beach Flag Zombie have a different animation style than that area's regular Zombie. Flag Mummy Zombie uses the animation style from the Cowboy Zombie, while Beach Flag Zombie uses the animation style from the Pirate Zombie.
  • The Pirate, Beach, Monk, and Kongfu variants are the only ones that don't hold their flag up when they die.
  • The Cave Flag Zombie holds a banner instead of an actual flag.
  • There is a glitch where Neon Flag Zombie in his Almanac entry doesn't have his flag. Flag Pilot Zombie also contains this glitch. This has been fixed in the 4.0.1 update.
  • Similar to Jurassic Zombie and his Conehead and Buckethead variants, Jurassic Flag Zombie has the "Hungry" speed.
  • Jurassic Flag Zombie is the only flag variant to not use a stick or rod as a handle for the flag, but he instead uses bones.
  • In Kongfu World, Flag Kongfu Zombies can appear anytime even if the huge wave has not yet arrived. This is because there might be a weapon stand that contains a flag that can transform a Kongfu Zombie into a Flag Kongfu Zombie. This can also happen to his Monk variant but the Monk variant can appear even if the wave has not been triggered.
  • Unlike its Kongfu counterpart, when a Monk Zombie transforms into a Flag Monk Zombie, it does not spawn other Monk Zombies.
  • Flag Monk Zombie can only appear via weapon stands.
  • Flag Pilot Zombie doesn't hold his flag due to his flamethrower, instead keeping it on his jetpack.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only) (Archived content)

  • The Sergeant variant is a zombie holding a token with a Chinese word written on it instead of a flag.
    • Because of this, it does not have the word "Flag" in its name.
    • However, even though Seahorse Zombie is still holding a flag, it also does not have the word "Flag" in its name.

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