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Flag Weed is a Spawnable Plant and a Weed variant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. ​It is essentially a Terracotta Weed that carries a green flag with an image of Crazy Dave on it. It searches for plants and follows them, giving the nearby plants a defensive boost. It is the plant counterpart of the Flag Zombie, but gives nearby plants a defense boost instead of a speed boost. It cannot however apply the defense boost to itself, though.


The Flag Weed has around 150 health, slightly less than the Terracotta Weed.

​Stickerbook description

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​The Flag Weed rallies nearby Plants, and provides them with a defensive morale boost.



  • There is an error with its card and its icon. The card and icon shows the Flag Weed with a pumpkin hat similar to the one worn by the Pumpkin Weed, but it actually has a terracotta hat, similar to the Terracotta Weed.
    • This error was corrected in Frontline Fighters DLC
    • However, in Graveyard Ops, Flag Weeds wearing both a Pumpkin helmet and a Terracotta helmet can be found and in rare cases, wearing nothing at all (likely a glitch).
  • It has an idle animation where it shakes its left hand before stomping its right roots on the ground.
    • This is shared with the Heal Weed which also carries a flag, albeit a different one.
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