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Fireworks of the Ancients is the fourth quest given to the player by Dave-bot 3000. When the player completes the quest, they are awarded 7500 coins.

Mission description

Special Ops: Head to Zen Peak and acquire fireworks of the ancients.


Dave-bot 3000 explains to the player that as the zombie base is vacated, the plants are planning to launch an attack on the zombie base. This plan involves blowing the base up with fireworks, which the player must obtain from Zen Peak.

The quest is a modified version of Garden Ops, which consists of 5 waves. Waves 1, 2, and 4 are normal waves, while the third is a special wave and the fifth is a boss wave containing a single Zen Sensei. When the Zen Sensei is defeated, the player will receive the Craaazy Fireworks. After all five waves are beaten, the quest ends and the player receives their reward.


This is still a relatively easy quest, as the zombies are not very threatening, the third wave is an easy challenge and the boss wave only has a single Zen Sensei. As with other Special Ops quests, plants with high splash damage capabilities are recommended to vanquish the zombie hordes easily.

The third wave is always a Ninja Ambush wave, which is a variant of the regular ambush wave. As with normal ambush waves, the third wave starts virtually immediately after the second. However, this wave consists only of Karate Zombies, so it should not be too much of a problem.

In the fourth wave, some Karate Zombie Champions will spawn. Take them out as soon as possible with abilities like the Chili Bean Bomb or Shuck Shot. Burrow is an excellent way to vanquish these zombies, as they can still swallowed whole and the nature of the ability bypasses the extra health and close-combat capabilities of the champions.

The fifth wave is a boss wave, but the only boss is a single Zen Sensei. The player should aim to take him out from long distances, as the Zen Sensei can be lethal when he gets up close. That said, it is still a really easy wave to beat.

Plant choice

An ideal team should consist of a Chomper variant, a Kernel Corn variant, a Peashooter variant and a Sunflower variant. The Kernel Corn and Peashooter can handle the hordes of zombies while the Chomper seeks out the tougher zombies and devours them. Meanwhile, the Sunflower will heal the others, particularly the Chomper. In the boss wave, the Peashooter and Kernel Corn should be able to quickly defeat the Zen Sensei while the other two plants take out the small zombies.

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