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Zombie boss fireball


Fireball is a giant sphere of what seems to be molten metal or magma. It is one of the Zombot's attacks used in Level 5-10 and the mini-game Dr. Zomboss's Revenge of Plants vs. Zombies, and is released from the Zombot's mouth.

Fireball is also used by the Sphinx in Plants vs. Zombies Online and in the Endless Challenge mode of the game as a surprise attack.


Plants vs. Zombies

During the mini-game, the Zombot may move its head down to pick a lane on which to place the projectile. If the Zombot's eyes turn red, it will shoot a fireball. After a few seconds, the fireball will roll down the lane and squish every plant it touches until it is destroyed or it rolls off the end of the lane; it will also crush any Roof Cleaners in the row. Its weakness is the ice created by Ice-shrooms. It is easier to stop than the Iceball, because Ice-shrooms have an unlimited range, while the only counter to the Iceball is the Jalapeno, which can cover only one lane.


Sphinx launching a fireball.

Plants vs. Zombies Online

With the Sphinx, the fireballs can only be destroyed by Iceberg Lettuce directly with its normal ability as for some reason, the fireball is also immune to Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food effect. It also burns plants instead of squashing them, and will disappear after it reaches a certain tile on the lawn.


  • In Plants vs. Zombies, the fireball and the iceball are the only things in the game that can destroy Roof Cleaners without triggering them.

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