Fire Rose is the Rare fire variant of Rose in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Like any other fire-based character, the Fire Rose sacrifices some of her damage for the ability to ignite enemies upon a successful hit. Her primary weapon is the Scorching Scepter. It has 18 ammo and like the Frost Rose's projectiles, its shots can be charged to deal more damage, however a half-charged shot subtracts three rounds, and a fully-charged shot will subtract six rounds from its ammo count.


Stickerbook description

Fire Rose is scorching hot. No really, she accidentally set fire to Crazy Dave's garage last week. But if you thought her Scorching Scepter was effective against recreational vehicles, wait until you see it take out a squadron of Zomboss' finest.

Character selection screen description

Hold down fire to charge her Scorching Scepter. Each charge level deals more fire damage than the last!

AI Health

Easy: 60

Normal: 80

Hard: 100


Primary weapon

Fire Rose's primary weapon is the Scorching Scepter. It is a chargeable, single shot weapon that deals 5-50 impact and critical damage depending on the charge rate but will also temporarily deal 4 fire damage per second.


Left abilities
Time SnareGW2
Time Snare
Places a Time Snare on the ground which creates a large red cloud, and slows down all Zombies who are caught in it, leaving them slow and easy to take out for a few seconds.
Center abilities
Arcane EnigmaGW2
Arcane Enigma
Turns Rose into pure energy, making her immune to damage and allows her to deal a small amount of damage to nearby zombies.
Arcane LotusGW2
Arcane Lotus
An alternate ability to Arcane Enigma, Arcane Lotus turns Rose into pure, healing energy, which makes her immune to damage and heals nearby Plants for 4 HP rapidly and continuously. It can only be bought from Rux's Bazaar.
Right abilities
Transforms any Zombies hit by it into Stinky Goats, which leaves them practically defenseless, possessing nothing but a unique ramming attack. If these Goatified zombies are hurt enough or a certain amount of time passes, they turn back to their original form. It is worth noting that the Rose can transform multiple zombies per spell if it hits more than one.​
Psychedelic GoatGW2
Psychedelic Goat
An alternate ability to Goatify, Psychedelic Goat turns Zombies into purple goats with headbands. Although Zombies hit by this do not stay a goat for as long, it is much harder for the Goatified Zombies to control their goat.


Fire Rose's basic shots do less damage than the regular Rose, in exchange for setting targets on fire upon a successful hit. Similar to the Frost Rose, she can charge up her primary weapon. Stage 1 of charging allows Rose to fire 2 shots, each doing 15 damage as well as igniting the target. A fully charged shot will deal 50 damage as well as ignite the target. This means that Rose can charge a shot behind cover and then come out to finish of an injured foe or deal a heavy amount of damage.

Note that a fully charged shot can take away a great chunk of health from an Imp or its variants. Time Snare can be used to slow a foe and charge up a shot in the heat of battle, whilst, as usual, Arcane Enigma can be used to escape or damage a zombie. It can also be used after a target is ignited to rack up fire chip damage.

Balancing changes

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • Reduced health form 125 to 100

Projectile 1 (no charge)

  • Decreased maximum turn angle from 45 degrees to 40 degrees ;

Projectile 2 (mid charge)

  • Damage reduced from 2x15 to 2x11
  • Decreased maximum turn angle from 45 degrees to 40 degrees

Projectile 3 (max charge)

  • Max-charged shot damage reduced from 70 to 50
  • Decreased maximum turn angle from 90 degrees to 25 degrees
  • Movement speed reduced when charging up, can no longer jump while charging

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Movement speed increased when charging up weapon
  • Increased weapon rate of fire



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