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Festivals are a feature in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville introduced in the October 2019 Patch. During Festivals, Wingding appears with a prize map consisting of different prizes for the month. Prizes can be bought with Prize BulbPrize Bulbs, and they have to be bought in a row. You must purchase prizes in the order of the path you take. There are several different paths to take, with there being a special reward for purchasing every prize on the prize map.

Grand Prize

At the end of the prize map, there will be a Grand Prize that costs 20 Prize BulbPrize Bulbs. The Featured Reward is a variant of this prize.

Featured Rewards


Lawn of Doom 2019: The reward for getting everything was Super Scarab, a variant of Insecto Brainz, a costume for Super Brainz.

Fall Food Fight 2019: The reward for getting everything was Kitty Cap, a variant of Pretty Cap, a costume for Night Cap.

Feastivus 2019: The reward for getting everything was Feastivus Master, a variant of Inspirational Elf, a costume for Engineer.


Snow Day 2020: The reward for getting everything is Century Dragon, a variant of Millennium Dragon, a costume for Snapdragon.

Valenbrainz 2020: The reward for getting everything is Blade of the Beetle, a variant of Foodal Lord Dracornius, a costume for Kernel Corn.

Luck O' the Zombie 2020: The reward for getting everything is Wishbreaker, a costume for Wizard.

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