For the Chinese version of the level, see Far Future - Day 24 (Chinese version).
For the Chinese version of this level before the v1.8 update, see Far Future - Day 24 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).

Far Future - Day 24 is the twenty-fourth level of Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Sun Bombs level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player unlocks the Tile Turnip and the first Zomboss battle in Far Future against the Zombot Tomorrow-tron.


Disco-tron 3000 and Mecha-Football Zombie are the primary threats in this level. The player should use powerful plants in this level to deal with such threats. There are also many flying threats which can pass through the player's defenses, thus using Blover will help immensely. Sun Bombs are also present so one can detonate one should they feel like it's the right time to damage the zombie hordes immensely.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Future Zombie2 None
2 Future Zombie2 None
3 Future Conehead Zombie2 None 100% Plant Food
4 Future Zombie2 Future Zombie2 None
5 Future Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 None
6 Disco-tron 300022 None
7 Future Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Jetpack Zombie2 None 600%/7 Plant Food
8 Future Flag Zombie2 Mecha-Football Zombie23 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 First flag; Bot Swarm!
9 Future Zombie2 Future Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 None
10 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie25 Mecha-Football Zombie21 None 600%/7 Plant Food
11 Future Zombie2 Disco-tron 300024 None
12 Disco-tron 300022 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 500%/7 Plant Food; Bot Swarm!
13 Mecha-Football Zombie21 Mecha-Football Zombie24 None
14 Disco-tron 300023 Mecha-Football Zombie25 None 600%/7 Plant Food
15 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie24 Disco-tron 300021 None
16 Future Flag Zombie2 Mecha-Football Zombie22 Mecha-Football Zombie23 Mecha-Football Zombie24 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Bug Bot Imp2 Final flag; 600%/7 Plant Food; Bot Swarm!


Strategy 1

  • Required plants:
  • The only plant you really need is the Snapdragon. Just start planting them from the third column, then continue planting Snapdragons from top lane to the bottom lane. The reason you will start planting in the third column is because of the Mecha-Football Zombie. If they push Snapdragons back, that will not make the level difficult.
  • Use Iceberg Lettuce to stall early Future Buckethead Zombies and Potato Mines for Disco-tron 3000s and the first few zombies.
  • Cherry Bombs can be useful in both Huge Waves. Plant Food is also useful against the zombies.
  • You can use the Sun Bean on all the machines, except the Mecha-Football Zombie to generate more sun for planting. This may be glitched, thanks to the recent update.



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