For the Chinese version of the level, see Far Future - Day 22 (Chinese version).
For the Chinese version of this level before the v1.8 update, see Far Future - Day 22 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).

Far Future - Day 22 is the twenty-second level of Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Last Stand level. The player has 2250 sun to spend. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Far Future pinata.


This level intends the player to master the use of Power Tiles. This is because there are zombies that are bundled together in some lanes with Power Tiles. These zombies that are grouped together prove a huge threat, especially the Robo-Cone Zombies and the Mecha-Football Zombies. There is also a Gargantuar Prime, which can be troubling for the player to deal with. The player can only spend 2250 sun, which is not a lot for the zombies to be defeated so the player must choose wisely on which plants should be used.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 None
2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 None
3 Future Zombie25 Future Zombie25 Future Conehead Zombie22 Future Buckethead Zombie25 Future Buckethead Zombie25 Future Buckethead Zombie25 Future Buckethead Zombie25 None
4 Future Conehead Zombie23 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Shield Zombie23 None
5 Future Zombie21 Future Zombie21 Future Zombie24 Future Zombie24 Robo-Cone Zombie21 Robo-Cone Zombie21 Robo-Cone Zombie21 None
6 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie2 Jetpack Zombie2 None
7 Future Zombie24 Future Zombie24 Future Conehead Zombie21 Future Conehead Zombie25 Mecha-Football Zombie24 Mecha-Football Zombie24 Mecha-Football Zombie24 None
8 Future Buckethead Zombie21 Future Buckethead Zombie22 Future Buckethead Zombie23 Future Buckethead Zombie24 Future Buckethead Zombie25 Shield Zombie22 Shield Zombie24 None
9 Future Zombie22 Robo-Cone Zombie22 Gargantuar Prime22 None
10 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Conehead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future Flag Zombie2 Jetpack Zombie21 Jetpack Zombie21 Jetpack Zombie22 Jetpack Zombie22 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie23 Jetpack Zombie24 Jetpack Zombie24 Jetpack Zombie25 Jetpack Zombie25 Shield Zombie23 Robo-Cone Zombie2 None Final flag


Laser-Peach-nut strategy

  • Required plants:
    • Laser Bean2
    • Either E.M.Peach2 or Wall-nut2

Plant two Laser Beans in each lane and feed them Plant Food wisely. If you chose the E.M.Peach, use them wisely, as you can only plant ten of them. If you chose the Wall-nut, plant one of them in front of the Laser Beans. There is no need to feed the Wall-nuts Plant Food.

Laser Bean and Infi-nut combo

  • Required plants:
    • Laser Bean2
    • Infi-nut2

Plant the Laser Beans on the Power Tiles, just like the pattern. Then, plant two Infi-nuts in front of the Laser Beans on lanes two and four.


() () LB LB IN
() () LB LB IN

  • Key:
    • LB= Laser Bean
    • IN= Infi-nut
    • ()= Empty Space

Strategy 3

Created by RaidingParty

This strategy can complete the level without Plant Food, paid content, premium plants, or losing any lawn mowers. There is a variant as well if you have already unlocked the Magnet-shroom.

  • Required plants:
    • Snapdragon2
    • Wall-nut2
    • E.M.Peach2
    • Cherry Bomb2
    • Spikeweed2
    • Potato Mine2
    • Chili Bean2

Plant three Snapdragons in the center lanes of the first column. Plant five Snapdragons in the second column, five Wall-nuts in the third column, five Spikeweeds in the fourth column.

Keep an eye on the Wall-nuts and if one is almost dead, dig it up and replant it (often occurs with the one attacked by the crowd of Bucketheads). When the first three Robo-Cones appear, bomb all three with a Cherry Bomb; they will die quickly when they reach the Snapdragons. When the three Mecha-Footballs appear, dig up the center lane Spikeweed for more sun and Cherry Bomb them as well; the Snapdragons will finish them without letting them push the plants. When the Robo-Cone/Gargantuar Prime team appears, dig up more Spikeweeds for sun and then Cherry Bomb them while they are still together. The Robo-Cone will die on the frontlines, and when the Gargantuar approaches, dig up the Wall-nut ahead of it to let it enter the Snapdragon inferno, then disable it with an E.M. Peach where it will be killed before it can recover. Mop up the survivors, if need be dig up Snapdragons and dying Wall-nuts to get more Cherry Bombs and Wall-nuts, as well as emergency Potato Mines and Chili Beans if needed.

If the strategy is too difficult to use, simply use Plant Food on the Snapdragons for an easy victory.

If the Magnet-shroom is unlocked, you may substitute another plant for it and plant two of them in the first column, reserving Spikeweeds only for damaging incoming enemy vehicles.

Strategy 4 (Contains premium content)

  • Required plants:
    • Electric Blueberry2
    • Snapdragon2/Cold Snapdragon2
    • Boosted Infi-nut2

Plant two columns of Electric Blueberry on two leftmost columns. Plant an Infi-nut on the fourth column and the center row. Plant four Snapdragons next to the Infi-nut. The Electric Blueberry will destroy the machine zombies, and the surviving low toughness zombies will die at the hands of Snapdragon. You may need to feed some plant foods for the Electric Blueberries on the Power Titles.



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