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Exploding Imp Fan is a zombie that appears in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It appears mostly in Garden Ops, but it also appears in Solo Play Gardens & Graveyards, where it is spawned by AI Zombie Heroes. It looks almost exactly like the Imp Punt, and functions very similarly to both the Imp Punt and the Exploding Imp. It quickly runs towards the nearest plant, and then uses its only attack, which is the Imp Explosion, the same attack used by the Exploding Imp. It also deals the same damage.


  • Easy: 15
  • Normal: 20
  • Hard: 25
  • CRAAAAZY: 30



  • Although this zombie does not have an animation for being trapped in a Spikeweed in Garden Warfare, it has unique animations for when it is Gooped, eaten by Burrow, and swallow from in front and behind by a Chomper. All of these animations were then reused/recycled in Garden Warfare 2 for the new Imp class.
  • In Garden Warfare, its only difference visually from the Imp Punt, besides the fact that it walks, is that its dynamite fuses are not lit until it is about to explode.
    • However, in Garden Warfare 2, they are lit the whole time that it is running.
  • It is strange that Zombie heroes in Solo Play of Garden Warfare 2 summon these instead of regular Exploding Imps, as players in online Gardens & Graveyards cannot summon Exploding Imp Fans, only Exploding Imps.
  • These, along with Yeti Imps and Exploding Imps, appear to explode and leave a fiery trail in the air when vanquished, even if they are eaten by a Chomper.

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