This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently available.
Plant Explode-O-Vines alone or on other plants to explode and knock back zombies.


Explode-o-Vine is a vine plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that was first introduced in the 8.3.1 update alongside with Murkadamia Nut. He is an explosive counterpart to Pumpkin in a similar manner to how Explode-O-Nut is to Wall-nut.

When planted, Explode-o-Vine releases an explosion on his tile that knocks back any nearby zombies and kills those at low enough health. When Explode-o-Vine is eaten, he will explode and deal a large amount of damage to zombies in a 3x3 area.



Explode-o-Vine is based on and named after Explode-O-Nut as well as being based on Pumpkin.

Though the exact type of vine Explode-o-Vine is based on is never directly stated, his explosive abilities may be based on the Ecballium elaterium, otherwise known as the "Exploding cucumber vine", gourd vines whose fruits contains pressured fluids and seeds that release upon ripening.

Almanac entry




Special: Knockback

FAMILY: Bombard-mint

Explode-O-Vines detonate an explosion with knockback when planted, and then a larger explosion when eaten.

Usage: can be planted on top of non-vine plants

Explode-O-Vine is sooooooooooooooo ready to explode. Just ridiculously ready. He's got the color picked out and everything.


Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, Explode-o-Vine will explode and gain armor that will give more defense plus an additional explosion when eaten. Both of the explosion deals 1800 dps.

The plant that the Explode-o-Vine surrounds will also activate their Plant Food ability.

Bombard-mint effect

When boosted by Bombard-mint, Explode-o-Vine's damage increases by 1200 (planted) / 2400 (eaten), his knockback range increases to 145, knockback distance increases to 195.

Level upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Toughness Damage Knockback
Planted Eaten
1 0 0 150 10 seconds 1500 dps 900 dps 1800 dps 100 50 1500 dps
2 50 125 9 seconds 1700 dps 925 dps 1850 dps 105 65
3 100 100 8 seconds 1900 dps 975 dps 1900 dps 110 90 1750 dps
4 200 2100 dps 1000 dps 1950 dps 115 105
5 300 7 seconds 2300 dps 1025 dps 2000 dps 120 120 2000 dps
6 400 2400 dps 1050 dps 2050 dps 125 135
7 500 75 6 seconds 2500 dps 1075 dps 2100 dps 130 150 2250 dps
8 600 2600 dps 1100 dps 2200 dps 135 165 2500 dps
9 800 2700 dps 1150 dps 2300 dps 140 180 2750 dps
10 1000 50 5 seconds 3000 dps 1200 dps 2400 dps 145 195 3000 dps


Explode-o-Vine's perk is very similar to Explode-O-Nut. Both of them recharge fast, thus they can be deployed very quickly. The difference is that Explode-o-Vine provides an additional explosion when planted, and though his damage is lower, he can knock back zombies which are not dead. At Level 1, Explode-o-Vine has only half of toughness compared to Explode-O-Nut. Some zombies will make Explode-o-Vine explode by using their abilities like Barrel Roller ZombiePianist Zombie or a Gargantuar. Else, he can explode as if he was a delayed time bomb that can only count down if zombies attempt to destroy him. The only exception is Explorer Zombie and Torchlight Zombie, but only if their torch is still lit, and Super-Fan Imp exploding.

The player should be aware of the Mecha-Football Zombie, as it can push Explode-o-Vine to the left tile instead of detonating him. This also applies to Excavator ZombieAnkylosaurus and Fisherman Zombie. Attacks that can transform or neutralize plants such as Wizard ZombieOcto Zombie, and Hunter Zombie are also a threat. Also, be cautious of Imp Dragon Zombies as they are immune to the explosion.

Explode-o-Vine also make a viable choice in Endless Zone levels, especially in Highway to the Danger Room, he can replace Pumpkin to protect plants at the third column, though his toughness is lower than Pumpkin, he can provide two additional explosion, thus making plant the Explode-o-Vine surrounds safer. In Highway to the Danger Room, due to being able to shut down large hordes of Newspaper ZombiesAll-Star Zombies, and dangerous zombies that spawn through the portal, such as Jester Zombie, Pianist Zombie, and Barrel Roller Zombie. Beware of Explorer Zombies, though, as they can be spawned through their respective world portal and quickly burn Explode-o-Vine without triggering its explosion. The vine's fast recharge also helps, because of being able to keep up with the pace of the game. Pairing Explode-o-Vine with Shrinking Violet can destroy Gargantuars in one explosion.

Feeding Plant Food to Explode-o-Vine is useful, as he will provide two additional explosions, four explosions in total, dealing 6300 dps, being enough to kill a Jurassic Gargantuar or Gladiator Gargantuar. A good way to use Explode-o-vine is with Sweet Potato as not only will she have a bit more health, she'll also explode when that health is also gone, and Explode-o-vine recharge means you might possibly have a Sweet potato which can never be eaten/destroyed by zombies.

Explode-o-Vine works really well with Blover because if you put a blover then you put a explode-o-vine in a horde of zombies, the zombies will be knocked back and then be blown away, this is because being knocked back counts as a flying zombie so it will be blown away, this is really helpful in Arena and with dealing tough zombies


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  • Explode-o-Vine's name is spelled "Explode-O-Vine" multiple times in-game.

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