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Explode-O-Nut Zombie is a plant/zombie hybrid encountered in Penny's Pursuit for the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is the ZomBotany counterpart of Explode-O-Nut, and the explosive version to Wall-nut Zombie.

Like Wall-nut Zombie, Explode-O-Nut Zombie has a high amount of health when compared to most other zombies, but in addition to his high health, Explode-O-Nut Zombie will explode when defeated, dealing a high amount of damage to all plants in a 3x3 area. Explode-O-Nut Zombie will not explode when eaten by plants such as Chomper and Toadstool.

Almanac entry

爆炸坚果僵尸 (Explode-O-Nut Zombie)

SPEED: Basic


基础: 拥有很高的防御,死亡后会对周围的植物造成大量伤害
特殊: 被植物吞掉后,便不会引起爆炸


    In English:

    This plant-headed zombie is not to be trifled with, don't let him die too close to your plants!

    Special: High health, and does massive area damage to nearby plants when destroyed.
    Weakness: Death effect doesn't trigger if swallowed by a plant.

    Nobody knows where he came from, is if he simply appeared out of thin air. His mysterious plant head has attracted the attention of several zombies, the latest report by "Zombie Brian Evening News" reported the location he had appeared, "The Mask Club". Oh well, knowing the zombies, knowing the face likely doesn't matter, right?


Explode-O-Nut Zombie was just an equivalent of Wall-nut Zombie with an explosive ability. The main concern is to either avoid the explosion or remove the zombie with an instant kill. Hypnosis plants also work, as it still eats plants like any other zombie.


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