Energy Warp

Energy Warp is an alternate ability of Scientist's Warp. The player is invulnerable in the state. The reduction rate of the meter will also drop if the player does not move while the ability is activated. It takes 20 seconds to recharge.

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Energy Warp

Description about the Energy Warp

The Energy Warp allows the Scientist Zombie to turn himself into pure energy, where he will rematerialize after a short while. This makes him prone to energy sickness however.




The Energy Warp is a very useful ability, as you cannot be damaged while using it, allowing you to sneak in the plants' gardens or to sneak up on a plant to vanquish them. It can also avoid damage from fire and toxic character variants and destroy everything that can hurt you as you warp by, such as Potato Mines, Tallnut Battlements and even Tall-nuts from Tallnut Cannons. You can also use this to move away from Bean Bombs and Chompers approaching your teammates to save them.

Beware that if you are gooped and then use Energy Warp, the speed penalty will persist (up to the point of slowing down the warp sound). If you are assisting in a Garden Capture in Gardens & Graveyards and a lot of Chili Bean Bombs and Sombrero Bean Bombs are lobbed into the garden, you can use the Energy Warp to "negate" the bombs. Activate the ability, remain still until all the bombs have detonated, deactivate the ability and then proceed to revive everyone and heal everyone with Heal Stations. This ability is also extremely useful in Gardens & Graveyards mode on Wall-nut Hills; using Energy Warp to sneak past through the defenses, then enter the door safely. It also negates damage from the Tallnut Cannon, protecting teammates behind you. Since this also triggers Potato Mines, going through them will ruin the plants' defenses, allowing your fellow zombies to proceed without getting vanquished easily.



  • If the Computer Scientist is in Crunch Mode and this is used, it cancels out the Crunch Mode, removing the speed and damage boost.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the icon appears to be a purple orb of electricity. However, in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, it looks like a smooth blue orb with blue electricity emitting from it, with a speed trail behind it as well.

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