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Endless Challenge (无尽挑战) is an event in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a worldwide competition and the rewards are a currency called Time Tokens. It is only held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


The levels are technically endless in the competition, even though it is only possible to reach level 100. The levels are played in Last Stand format, but there is a seed packet limit for every plant depending on their rarity. A plant with a Common and Uncommon rarity will start with 10 seed packets and have a max limit of 25, Rares start with 8 and max at 20, Super-Rares begin with 5 and max at 15, and Legendary plants start with 3 and max at 10. After the limit for a plant has been reached, the player cannot use that plant until they obtain more of its seed packets. Every time the player wins a level, they randomly get 2 seed packets for 5 different plants, increasing the amount of times they can plant a certain plant. Sun producing plants are disabled as the level is in Last Stand. Most sun producing plants are disabled since it is played in Last Stand format. However, Toadstool can still be used. Imitater is also disabled in this mode, mostly due to its ability to mimic plants, which doubles that plant's seed packet limit. Every time the player wins a level, they will also get a certain amount of sun, which increases by 50 for every level passed. Players also get Time Tokens, increasing by 5 for every tenth level beaten. Every fifth level is a boss level. The player also gets scores by completing levels. The zombies' level increases gradually. The maximum level a zombie can reach is 10.

There is no game over if the player loses, levels can be replayed over and over again, though no points will be rewarded. However, players can reset their progress once a day to regain Time Tokens from the very start. The player is given a free reset everyday, which costs 50 diamonds afterwards.

Players are ranked by their scores. The more score the player has, the higher their rank will be. The higher their rank is, the more rewards they will get every day while the competition is running.


Overall, it is suggested to use expensive and powerful plants like Horsebean, Banana Launcher, Winter Melon, Flame Flower Queen, Coconut Cannon and Citron. Most Legendaries are extremely useful and highly recommended. Sap-fling or Primal Rafflesia is also recommended to slow down zombies if your defense don't work with ice based plants. If there are excessive Plant Foods in the end of a level, use it on a Potato Mine, a Chili Bean or a Primal Potato Mine because the clones won't disappear.

Also note that permanent Plant Food effects (like Wall-nut's and Torchwood's) will not last to the next round. So, don't use Plant Food on this kind of plants unless necessary.

  • Using Magnifying Grasses is a bad idea because they waste sun, especially on boss battles, unless you have enough sun.
  • Do not use instant kill plants like Squash in early rounds like round 1-9. They are important for later rounds like boss battles, or levels a lot of strong zombies like Gargantuars.
  • Planting a row of high levelled Citrons and Coconut Cannons is a good strategy. Only use Blovers or Hurrikales when necessary.
  • In Neon Mixtape Tour, always put a MC Glory on the 5th column to avoid damage done by Hair Metal Gargantuar's smash and Zombot Multi-stage Masher's speakers. If you don't have it, you can use an Infi-nut instead.
  • Using Level 2 Chard Guards or higher is also a good idea.
  • Two rows of Gatling Peas with a Torchwood can easily defeat most zombies. However, consider slowing down zombies with Sap-fling or Primal Rafflesia as this combo don't pair well with ice based plants.
  • Homing Thistle and Cattails are also nice for dealing great damage to tough single zombies.
  • Level 3 or more Monkeyfruit is nice for slowing down zombies and doing tough damage to strong zombies.
  • Tile Turnips are strongly recommended and you should place as much as you should, on tiles with strong plants.



  • For unknown reasons, Perfume-shroom is disabled in Jurassic Marsh, despite Perfume-shroom being usable only in Jurassic Marsh levels.
  • The maximum amount of sun the player can get is 20000.
  • For some reason, Kongfu World boss battles does not include any minecarts, making it even harder.
    • In addition, the lawn mowers in boss battles in this world reuse Ancient Egypt lawn mowers instead of the Kongfu World lawn mowers.