This shows the exact damage, speed, and any other numbers for Plants vs. Zombies.

Plants' encyclopedia


  • Times are in seconds.
  • All plants, even those that are invincible, are vulnerable to theft or explosions. The only exception to this is Coffee Bean.
  • Attacks are per projectile.
  • Sun costs for upgrades do not include the downgrade's cost.
  • Range is based on the grid.
  • Mushrooms always have 300 health when asleep.
Plant Image Health point Attack Range Function interval Recharge time Characteristics Sun cost
Peashooter Peashooter1 300 20 full line 1.43 7.5 Shoots peas at zombies. 100
Sunflower Sunflower1 300 n/a n/a 24 7.5 Produces 25 sun about every 24 seconds. 50
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb1 infinite 1,800 1.5 1.2 50 Blows up all zombies in all square on or around it. 150
Wall-nut Wall-nut1 3,600 n/a n/a n/a 30 Protects other plants behind it. 50
Potato Mine Potato Mine1 300 1,800 0.5 15 30 Kills all zombies in the same square, needs time to arm itself. 25
Snow Pea Snow Pea1 300 20 full line 1.43 7.5 Shoots frozen peas that damages and slows zombies down. 175
Chomper Chomper1 300 2,400
40 (Gargantuar)
1.5 42 7.5 Eats any zombie that gets near it, vulnerable while chewing. 150
Repeater Repeater1 300 20 full line 1.43 7.5 Shoots two peas at a time. 200
Puff-shroom Puff-shroom1 300 20 3 1.43 7.5 Nocturnal, shoots spores to zombies in a short range. 0
Sun-shroom Sun-shroom1 300 n/a n/a 24 7.5 Nocturnal, gives 15 sun at first, grows to give 25 sun. 25
Fume-shroom Fume-shroom1 300 20 4 1.43 7.5 Nocturnal, shoots fumes that can damage multiple zombies in a limited range, penetrates shields. 75
Grave Buster Grave Buster1 300 n/a n/a 4.5 7.5 Can only be planted on graves, eats the grave it is planted on. 75
Hypno-shroom Hypno-shroom1 300 n/a 0.5 n/a 30 Nocturnal, hypnotizes zombies, makes them eat other zombies. 75
Scaredy-shroom Scaredy-shroom1 300 20 full line 1.43 7.5 Nocturnal, shoots long ranged spores, hides when a zombie gets into a tile adjacent of it. 25
Ice-shroom Ice-shroom1 infinite 20 full screen 1 (wait)
4 (freeze)
50 Nocturnal, does one damage, temporarily freezes all zombies onscreen, frosts zombies afterward. 75
Doom-shroom Doom-shroom1 infinite 1,800 3.5 1.0 50 Kills all zombies in range, then leaves a crater that cannot be planted on for 180 seconds. 125
Lily Pad Lily Pad1 300 n/a n/a n/a 7.5 Aquatic, allows other plants to be planted in water 25
Squash Squash1 infinite
300 (peas)
1,800 1.5 n/a 30 Waits for zombies to get one square next to it, then smashes them. 50
Threepeater Threepeater1 300 20

3 full lines

1.43 7.5 Shoots peas in the lane above, below and its lane. 325
Tangle Kelp Tangle Kelp1 infinite 2,400 0.5 n/a 30 Aquatic, pulls down the first zombie that gets near it. 25
Jalapeno Jalapeno1 infinite 1,800 full line 1.0 50 Kills all zombies in its row. 125
Spikeweed Spikeweed1 one smash 20 0.5 1.0 7.5 Cannot be eaten, does damage to zombies that steps on it, pops tires. 100
Torchwood Torchwood1 300 40 (target)
14 (splash)
n/a n/a 7.5 Doubles the damage of all peas that passes through it, adds splash damage in the same square of the zombie hit, uncovers fog in about 1.25 squares in cardinal directions around it. 175
Tall-nut Tall-nut1 7,200 n/a n/a n/a 30 Stronger than a Wall-nut and cannot be vaulted over. 125
Sea-shroom Sea-shroom1 300 20 3 1.43 30 Aquatic and nocturnal, shoots spores to zombies three squares away from it. 0
Plantern Plantern1 300 n/a n/a n/a 30 Uncovers fog in a 5x7 area. 25
Cactus Cactus1 300 20 full line 1.43 7.5 Deals damage and pops balloons. 125
Blover Blover1 infinite n/a n/a 0.5 7.5 Blows away fog and all Balloon Zombies. 100
Split Pea Split Pea1 300 20 full line 1.43 7.5 Shoots one pea forwards and two peas backwards. 125
Starfruit Starfruit1 300 20 five directions 1.43 7.5 Shoots stars in five directions. 125
Pumpkin Pumpkin1 3,600 n/a n/a n/a 30 As strong as a Wall-nut and can be planted over another plant. 125
Magnet-shroom Magnet-shroom1 300 n/a 3.5 15 7.5 Nocturnal, attracts metal items on zombies in a three square radius. 100
Cabbage-pult Cabbage-pult1 300 40 full line 2.9 7.5 Lobs cabbages over the roof. 100
Flower Pot Flower Pot1 300 n/a n/a n/a 7.5 Allows a plant to be planted on the roof. 25
Kernel-pult Kernel-pult1 300 20 (kernel)
40 (butter)
full line 2.9 7.5 Lobs corn kernels that do light damage and butter that does normal damage and immobilizes zombies for three seconds. 100
Coffee Bean Coffee Bean1 infinite n/a n/a 1.0 7.5 Can only be planted on sleeping mushrooms, wakes sleeping mushrooms. 75
Garlic Garlic1 400 n/a n/a n/a 7.5 Diverts zombies that bites it to the lane above or below. 50
Umbrella Leaf Umbrella Leaf1 300 n/a 1.5 n/a 7.5 Bounces off all Bungee Zombies and basketballs on or around itself. 100
Marigold Marigold1 300 n/a n/a 24 30 Drops silver and gold coins. 50
Melon-pult Melon-pult1 300 80 (target)
30 (splash)
full line 2.9 7.5 Lobs melons that heavily damages groups of zombies. 300
Gatling Pea Gatling Pea1 300 20 full line 1.43 50 Shoots four peas at a time, upgrade of Repeater. 250
Twin Sunflower Twin Sunflower1 300 n/a n/a 24 50 Produces 50 sun about every 24 seconds, upgrade of Sunflower. 150
Gloom-shroom Gloom-shroom1 300 20 1.5 1.9 50 Shoots fumes four times per second, shoots in all squares on or around it, penetrates shields, upgrade of Fume-shroom. 150
Cattail Cattail1 300 20 full screen 1.43 50 Aquatic, shoots two spikes to zombies at any lane, pops balloons, upgrade of Lily Pad. 225
Winter Melon Winter Melon1 300 80 (target)
30 (splash)
full line 2.9 50 Lobs frozen melons that damages and slows groups of zombies, upgrade of Melon-pult. 200
Gold Magnet Gold Magnet1 300 n/a full screen 10 50 Attracts money, upgrade of Magnet-shroom. 50
Spikerock Spikerock1 nine smashes 20 0.5 1.0 50 Does damage twice per second to all zombies that step on it, takes in nine smashes, upgrade of Spikeweed. 125
Cob Cannon Cob Cannon1 300 1,800 full screen,
36.41 (reload)
4 (land)
50 Click or tap on it to target where to launch a corn cob, upgrade of two horizontal adjacent Kernel-pults. 500 
Imitater Imitater1 300 ? n/a ? ? Duplicates a seed slot, creating a whitened copy of each plant. ?

Zombies' encyclopedia

Zombie Image Health point Attack (per-sec.) Speed (per-grid) Characteristics
Zombie**† Zombie1 200 100 4.7s A normal zombie.
Flag Zombie**† Flag Zombie1 200 100 3.7 Moves slightly faster and signals a huge wave incoming. Can be customized with the Zombatar feature.
Conehead Zombie**† Conehead Zombie1 560 (360+200) 100 4.7 Headwear zombie, use traffic cone to protect itself.
Pole Vaulting Zombie Pole Vaulting Zombie1 500 100 2.5 or 4.7 Vaulting zombie, single jump; jumps over the first plant it encounters with a pole.
Buckethead Zombie** Buckethead Zombie1 1,300 (1,100+200) 100 4.7 Headwear zombie, has a bucket that is extremely resistant to damage and can be removed by Magnet-shrooms.
Newspaper Zombie Newspaper Zombie1 350 (200+150) 100 4.7
1.8 (furious)
Shield zombie, moves twice as fast and grunts after his newspaper is destroyed.
Screen Door Zombie Screen Door Zombie1 1,300 (1,100+200) 100 4.7 Shield zombie, is not affected by Snow Peas and fire peas, unless screen door is removed by the Magnet-shroom.
Football Zombie*† Football Zombie1 1,600 (1,400+200) 100 2.5 Headwear zombie, very durable, moves fast. Its headwear can be removed by Magnet-shrooms.
Dancing Zombie New Dancing Zombie2 500 100 1.2 (slide) 5.5 (dance) Dances as it walks, summons Backup Dancers.
Backup Dancer Backup Dancer1 200 100 5.5 Dances as it walks in groups of four. Can be re-summoned if lead zombie dancer which is controlling it exists.
Ducky Tube Zombie**† Ducky Tube Zombie1 200, 560 (360+200), 1,300, (1,100+200) 100 4.7 Only appears in the Pool. Is the same strength as it would be out of the ducky tube. Can wear roadcone or bucket to increase durability. Is always Pool/Fog ambush zombie.
Snorkel ZombieSnorkel Zombie1 200 100 4 Invulnerable to most plants while underwater. Only resurfaces to eat plants. Also appears in Zombiquarium.
Zomboni** Zomboni1 1,350 Infinite/300 3.8 Rides a Zamboni which crushes plants, leaving an ice trail behind.
Zombie Bobsled Team Zombie Bobsled Team1 1,100 (300+200x4) 100 1.2 or 4.7 Only appears on an ice trail left by a Zomboni. Appears in groups of four in a bobsled.
Dolphin Rider Zombie** Dolphin Rider Zombie1 500 100 0.8 or 4.7 Vaulting zombie, single jump. While riding his dolphin, he's much faster. Dolphin will disappear after its jump.
Jack-in-the-Box Zombie** Jack-in-the-Box Zombie1 500 100 or Infinite (3x3 grid) 2.2 Carries an exploding Jack-in-the-Box and moves twice as fast as normal zombies. It shivers. The Jack-in-the-Box can be stolen by the Magnet-shroom.
Balloon Zombie Balloon Zombie1 220 (20+200) 100 2.5 or 4.7 Protected from ground attacks. Can be popped by spikes. Also can be blown away by Blovers.
Digger Zombie Digger Zombie1

300 (100+200)

100 1.2 or 7 Digs through the ground and appears on the left side of the lawn, then eats through your defenses from the left. Vulnerable to Magnet-shrooms.
Pogo Zombie Pogo Zombie1 500 100 1.9 or 3.8 Vaulting zombie, makes multiple jumps. His pogo stick can be stolen by a Magnet-shroom.
Zombie Yeti** Zombie Yeti1 1,350 100 5 or 2.1 (escape) Runs away if not killed, drops four (five if first time) diamonds if killed. Appears after beating Adventure mode a second time, on level 4-10, and then rarely at any other levels.
Bungee Zombie Bungee Zombie1 400 Infinite 4s to steal Steals a plant at random positions or drops zombies. An Umbrella Leaf offers some protection to an area.
Ladder Zombie Ladder Zombie1 700 (500+200) 100 2 or 4.7 Shield zombie, attaches a ladder to defensive plants to let others go over them. Shield unaffected by Snow Peas and flaming peas. The Ladder can be removed by the Magnet-shroom.
Catapult Zombie Catapult Zombie1 850 60 x 20 2.5 Attacks the last attackable plant in a row, takes five basketballs to destroy a plant until out of basketballs, then moves forward and crushes plants.
Gargantuar* Gargantuar1 3,000 Infinite/300 4.7 Takes two instant kills, but Lawn Mowers and Roof Cleaners kill them instantly. Crushes plants and throws an Imp when it is half dead.
Imp Imp1 200 / 60 (puzzle) 100 4.7 or 1.9 (puzzle) Thrown by Gargantuars deep into your defenses after losing half of their health.
Dr. Zomboss Dr. Zomboss1 31,660 / 63,300 - - Final boss, has double health in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge.
Giga-gargantuar*** Giga-gargantuar1 6,000 300 4.7 Takes four instant kills, but Lawn Mowers and Roof Cleaners kill them instantly. Crushes plants and throws an Imp when it is half dead.
Trash Can Zombie*** Trash Can Zombie1 1,000 (800+200) 100 18.8/4.7 Shield zombie, moves about a quarter the speed of a Zombie in Versus Mode, only appears in the PlayStation 3, Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo DS versions.
Target Zombie*** Target Zombie1 200 0 0 Only appears in Versus Mode.
Catapult Baseball Zombie*** Catapult Baseball Zombie1 660 ~50 x 20 2.5 Lobs Basketballs for you to hit. Unknown. Appears in Homerun Derby.
Baseball Zombie*** Baseball Zombie1 660 ~50 x 20 2.5 Unknown. Appears in Homerun Derby.
Peashooter Zombie*** Peashooter Zombie1 200 100 or 19 4.7 Shoots peas at plants, only appears in ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2.
Wall-nut Zombie*** Wall-nut Zombie1 1,300 (1,100+200) 100 4.7 Takes high amounts of damage, only appears in ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2.
Gatling Pea Zombie*** Gatling Pea Zombie1 200 100 or 20x4 4.7 Shoots four peas at once, only appears in ZomBotany 2.
Tall-nut Zombie*** Tall-nut Zombie1 2,400 (2,200+200) 100 4.7 Takes one or two instant kills, only appears in ZomBotany 2.
Jalapeno Zombie*** Jalapeno Zombie1 340 100 or Infinite (entire lane) 4.7 Explodes after a short time and destroys all plants in the row, only appears in ZomBotany 2.
Squash Zombie*** Squash Zombie1 200 Infinite 2 Squashes the first plant it comes near, moves faster, only appears in ZomBotany 2.
The Little Zombies*** x (one fourth) n/a 2 Appear in Big Trouble Little Zombie, and when hacked.
Giga-Football Zombie*** Giga-Football Zombie1 3,000 (2,800+200) 100 2.5 Headwear zombie, has a health of a Gargantuar, only appears in the online version.

* Means this zombie has a Giga form.
** Means this zombie has an Invisible form in Invisi-ghoul.
*** Means this zombie does not have an Almanac entry.
† Means this zombie has a smaller form in Big Trouble Little Zombie.

There are also Ducky Tube Zombie versions of Flag Zombie, Conehead Zombie, and Buckethead Zombie zombies and the ZomBotany zombies (except the Squash Zombie).

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