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Electromagnetic Mushroom (电磁菇; pinyin: diàncí gū) is a Tier 2 plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars and is the upgrade of Magnet-shroom. It attacks zombies that are nearby by throwing its head at them, leaving behind a ball of electricity.


Electromagnetic Mushroom evolves from Magnet-shroom, and evolves into Magneto Mushroom.

Tier 2 Effect + Anger Effect

Anti-Gravity Wave: Electromagnetic Mushroom worries that his things will be stolen when he dies. When he dies, he has a chance to make attackers float. Floating enemies can not be attacked nor attack plants. Lasts for two turns.



  • Visually, it resembles a blue version of Magnet-shroom, and the mushroom at the base of the Magnet-shroom has a wider cap.
    • This visual trait is further referenced by Magneto Mushroom, which is a silver version of Magnet-shroom with an even wider base cap.
  • The name is a reference to electromagnetic.
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