Electro Citron is the Super Rare electric variant of Citron in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The Electro Charger is his primary weapon.

Apart from being able to spread damage to multiple nearby enemies, the Electro Charger can also be charged up to release a powerful shot, similarly to Plasma Pea and Future Cactus. However, doing this will require 8 ammo, which is 1/3 of the maximum 24-ammo supply of the weapon. He was first teased in the Aloe 5: Gardening spoof image but was later shown in solo-play gameplay video of Solo Ops.


Stickerbook description

Electro Citron tells people that his mask is to conceal his secret identity, but it's really just part of an elaborate grounding system that prevents him from shocking himself every time he blinks.

In-game description

Hold down fire to charge his primary attack across three distinct power levels!

AI Health

Easy: 120

Normal: 160

Hard: 200


Primary weapon

The Electro Citron's primary weapon is the Electro Charger. It is a chargeable, single shot weapon. 

  • First Charge Shot:
    • Long-range Direct Hit: 3.5
    • Close-range Direct Hit: 7
    • Blast Damage: None
  • Second Charge Shot:
    • Close-range Direct Hit: 50 
    • Long-range Direct Hit: 22
    • Blast Damage:15
  • Third Charge Shot:
    • Close-range Direct Hit: 75 
    • Long-Range Direct Hit: 37
    • Blast Damage: 25


While in Assault Mode

Left abilities
EMPeach, like its Plants vs. Zombies 2 counterpart, slows down and lightly damages zombies in its radius. It also prevents zombies from using their abilities.
Center abilities
Citron BallGW2
Citron Ball
When Citron Ball is used, Citron curls up in a ball, increasing his jump height and speed. It is most likely used to chase after Imps, as their increased speed and agility make it harder to hit them. When in Citron Ball form, Citron loses the ability to shoot and use EMPeach and Peel Shield, but gain Hyper Ball and Ball Charge as new abilities which replace the former two.
Citron BallGW2
Party Citron Ball
An alternate version of the Citron Ball for the Party Citron. Functions identically to the normal Citron Ball.
Right abilities
Peel ShieldGW2
Peel Shield
If Peel Shield is activated, Citron gains a shield in front of where it is facing, absorbing a certain amount of damage. However, Citron is still vulnerable to shots to its side and back.
Mood ShieldGW2
Mood Shield
An alternate ability instead of Peel Shield. Withstands more damage, yet has a shorter duration. Color changes based on how much health the shield has left.

While in Citron Ball

Left abilities
Hyper BallGW2
Hyper Ball
Hyper Ball is the first ability available for Citron in Citron Ball form. When used, it further enhances Citron's already enhanced speed and jump height.
Center abilities
Assault ModeGW2
Assault Mode
Citron goes back into his normal form, allowing Citron to shoot again, and replacing Hyper Ball and Spin Dash with EMPeach and Peel Shield.
Right abilities
Spin DashGW2
Spin Dash
Citron will slow down and roll in place for a few seconds, before charging forwards and hitting any zombies in his path, dealing damage to them.



Electro Citron fills the niche that many Electric variants try to fill, which is the anti-team role. If enemies are bunched together and you fire a fully charged shot at one of the players in the middle of the group, you can do damage to your target and the zombies around them. The biggest downside to this Citron is the limited ammo, if you tend to use his fully charged shot, you will find yourself reloading often as the level three charge eats up a third of your ammo, in return for very massive damage, making this variant very capable of clearing out hordes of AI zombies, or players who are standing together at a heal station. Imps in particular make good targets, due to the surprisingly generous splash damage on the charger and their extremely low health. Be warned, Electro Citron is almost useless at long and medium range. Try not to attract too much attention as your damage output is not as good as most zombie classes even at close range. Traveling with other plants is recommended.


If you're low on health, avoid standing close to your allies as Electro Citron doesn't necessarily have to shoot you to finish you off. Keep your distance, and use cover as much as possible to avoid getting hit. Luckily, this Citron in particular has a much harder time defending itself at pretty much all ranges. Try to vanquish it at long or medium range to avoid taking much damage. If you are skilled enough, you could get right up in his face to quickly take him out. Electro citrons uncharged shots don't do much damage, yet most players will use it anyway during a close range fight.

Balancing changes

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Made bone-collision changes to reduce size of Citron’s critical hit area
  • Citron can now fire sooner after coming out of Ball Form
  • Removed movement speed penalty from transition into and out of Citron Ball Form Mode
  • Standard Shot: Increased close range/long range damage from 4.5/2.5 - 8/6
  • Mid-Charged Shot: Reduced close range/long range impact damage from 25/15 - 20/10
  • Reduced falloff start/end distance from 30/60 - 20/50
  • Max-Charged Shot: Reduced close range/long range impact damage from 35/25 - 30/20
  • Reduced falloff start/end distance from 40/80 - 30/60

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Increased 2nd charge shot from 20/10 – 25/15
  • Increased 3rd charge impact damage from 30/20 – 35/25
  • Reduced reload time from 2.5 - 2.25
  • Reduced ammo reduction per 2nd charge shot from 6 – 4
  • Reduced ammo reduction per 3rd charge shot from 12 – 8

July 2016 Patch

  • Increased close/far damage from 8/6 - 10/8 for regular shot.
  • Increased splash damage of first charged shot from 25 - 30
  • Increased splash damage of second charged shot from 40 - 45

April 2017 Patch

  • Decreased splash damage of first charged shot from 30 - 25 (also affects impact damage)
  • Decreased inner splash radius of first charged shot from 3 - 2
  • Decreased splash radius of first charged shot from 4 - 3
  • Decreased splash damage of second charged shot from 45 - 40 (also affects impact damage)
  • Decreased inner splash radius of second charged shot from 3.5 - 2.5
  • Decreased splash radius of second charged shot from 5 - 4

May 2018 Patch

  • Reduced the Electro Charger's long range uncharged shot damage from 8 - 3.5
  • Reduced the Electro Charger's long range medium charge shot impact damage from 40 - 22
  • Reduced the Electro Charger's medium charge splash damage from 25 - 15
  • Reduced the Electro Charger's long range max charge impact damage from 65 - 37
  • Reduced the Electro Charger's max charge splash damage from 40 - 25



  • His weapon uses the original 32-ammo clip that was planned for Citron, unlike most other variants which just shoot a laser with infinite ammo. This was later reduced to 24.
    • This is most likely because of its primary weapon being chargeable.
    • Electro Citron, Iron Citron and Toxic Citron are the only Citron variants that don't shoot beams.
  • According to his Stickerbook description, if he blinks while not wearing his mask, he shocks himself.
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