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Electric Slide is a playable zombie class in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. She is an PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon Attack class who specializes in separating enemy groups.


In-game description

Electric Slide are good at making enemies scatter. Their arcing electricity, Funky Bouncer, and Disco Tornado are great at pushing enemies around.


Left abilities
Funky BouncerBfN
Funky Bouncer
Push enemies away with a bouncy magnet.
Center abilities
Outta Fight!BfN
Outta Fight!
Transform into pure energy to gain invulnerability but disable weapons.
Right abilities
Disco TornadoBfN
Disco Tornado
Summon a small electrical whirlwind and press [right button] to expand it into a damaging tornado.


Electric Slide is very good at taking space from the enemy and making space for your team: Her Funky Bouncer is great for clearing objectives and forcing attacking enemies away, disrupting their attack, and her Disco Tornado is amazing at forcing plants out of an objective or risk the huge damage that the Disco Tornado can bring. While she is classed under Attack, she is very effective at playing offensively on defense. By flanking behind the attacking plants, she can harass the enemies back line with her arcing electric Boogie Bolts and her Disco Tornado, which can force plants to break off their attack and regroup, possibly saving an objective. When plants start to notice her and counterattack, her Outta Fight! is great for making a clean escape and coming back for another go.



  • She and the Space Cadet are the only two Zombie classes to be female.
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