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Not to be confused with the Plants vs. Zombies 2 Epic Quest, Electrical Boogaloo.
Electric Boogaloo has the beat...and he'll use it to deliver a beat-down. Watch out when he puts a troop of Dancing Zombies on the battlefield. They'll try to tap dance on your grave!

Crazy Dave

Electric Boogaloo is a zombie hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the PvZH Beastly Icon.pngBeastly and PvZH Crazy Icon.pngCrazy classes. His signature superpower is Stayin' Alive, which does 3 damage to a selected plant and heals the zombie hero for up to 3HeartPvZH.png. He is also one of the three selectebale Zombie Heroes for free.

He is the hero version of Disco Zombie.


Dancing Zombie1.png

His appearance is based on the redesigned version of the Dancing Zombie from the original Plants vs. Zombies. His name is based on the electric boogaloo, a funk-style of hip hop dance. The first part of the name also applies here because Electric Boogaloo uses electric powers and dances. His name is also derived from the movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

His name is similar to the Epic Quest from Plants vs. Zombies 2 called Electrical Boogaloo.

His description refers to the phrase, "Disco is dead." It might also be a reference to the achievement in PVZ relevant to the Dancing Zombie, Disco is Undead, as Electric Boogaloo is one of these zombies.


Hero description

They say that disco is dead, but he's down with the dead.


Sound Description
Electric Boogaloo's Super Block
Electric Boogaloo Music

Strategies strategy

"This maniac on the dance floor brings a huge horde of Dancing Zombies that Strengthen each other. Direct damage helps him punch through crucial lanes for the win."


The main strategy with Electric Boogaloo is swarming the field with boosted zombies, notably consisting of those in the pet or dancing tribe. He can use certain zombies such as Zookeeper and Aerobics Instructor to boost zombies' strength. He can also use Cat Lady or Flamenco Zombie to deal enormous damage to the plant hero. However, these zombies tend to have low health, especially if not boosted, which means that skilled opponents can take advantage of this to ruin his strategy. Fortunately, he has access to Valkyrie to compensate for such losses and cards that make multiple fighters to boot.

Electric Boogaloo does shine in using tricks, with access to a variety of them. He can use both instant-kill tricks like Locust Swarm and direct damage tricks such as Cakesplosion to remove big threats. Smaller threats on the field can also be easily removed with cards such as Bungee Plumber and Nibble. Stat-boosting cards from the Beastly class, such as Vitamin Z and Maniacal Laugh, can be played on Crazy zombies, such as Newspaper Zombie or Valkyrie, making them even more potent threats. Healing options are also plentiful for Electric Boogaloo, though not quite on par with Rustbolt or The Smash. Electric Boogaloo's superpowers are great as well, especially his signature superpower, Stayin' Alive, as it's both a damaging and healing trick.

Some zombies' abilities activate upon receiving damage, and Electric Boogaloo has the most zombies with “When hurt” abilities. While they range from cheap-but-weak to strong-but-costly, the player has the capacity to manipulate the situation to their advantage. One example is to use Biodome Botanist to put a weak plant in the way of these zombies or a zombie that does damage to both plants and zombies simultaneously. That being said, it is also recommended to make sure that said zombies are boosted enough to take enough hits and any overly powerful plants are disposed of beforehand.

Starting the game with Electric Boogaloo, however, can be difficult, as his starting zombie cards do not fare well against most opponents. In addition, he has absolutely no way of drawing more cards aside from Evaporate and Interstellar Bounty Hunter. So opponents can easily drain his cards out and win from there. To accommodate for this, Electric Boogaloo can opt to use a control deck with Gargantuar zombies like Smashing Gargantuar and Gargantuar-Throwing Gargantuar for late-game dominance. With proper use of tricks, he can effectively stall the game or at least take as little damage as possible before he can put Gargantuars into play.

Overall, Electric Boogaloo has his ups and downs with proper strategy, but he can mostly swarm the field with dangerous zombies in quick succession. Just be careful to not waste all of your cards at once, so as to keep up with the battle.


As mentioned above, Electric Boogaloo's biggest flaw is his inability to draw cards. Try to bait him into using all of his cards against you. From there, you can take care of his zombies easily. When against Electric Boogaloo with a dancing deck, it is recommended to destroy his dancing zombies before he plays a Flamenco Zombie to potentially end the game in his favor. In the case of Electric Boogaloo using a pet deck, always watch out for Cat Lady, as he will try to spam pet zombies to boost her strength.

You also need to be careful of his tricks, as he has access to cards that can destroy your plants easily, and Nibble and Stayin' Alive to heal himself, not to mention all of the stat-boosting cards he can use. Therefore, the most optimal way is to play a rush game against him to make sure his tricks do not decimate you. Brainana and Dark Matter Dragonfruit work well to hinder or shut down his tricks, and you can also use Black-Eyed Pea or Sportacus to penalize him for playing them.

You can also drive him into the long game. This does, however, carry some risk, as Electric Boogaloo has access to Gargantuars' Feast and Zombot 1000, which could turn the tide of the battle and may cause a bad end for you.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Electric Boogaloo
Electric BoogalooH.png Dance Dance Zombolution

PvZH Beastly Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
Unlife of the Party, Aerobics Instructor, and Flamenco Zombie reward you for playing lots of Dancing Zombies quickly. Disco-Nauts give Bullseye to your troupe, making their attacks nigh unblockable!
Bungee PlumberH.png x2 Disco-NautH.png x4 Unlife of the PartyH.png x4 Aerobics InstructorH.png x4 Conga ZombieH.png x4
Final MissionH.png x1 Quasar WizardH.png x1 Disco ZombieH.png x1 JesterH.png x2 LoudmouthH.png x4
Moon Base ZH.png x2 Cosmic DancerH.png x4 Binary StarsH.png x2 Flamenco ZombieH.png x4 Disco-Tron 3000H.png x1

Electric BoogalooH.png Raining Cats and Dogs

PvZH Beastly Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
It's raining cats, dogs... and chickens! Cat Lady and Zookeeper give massive bonuses for playing a swarm of Pet cards - even Pet Tricks like Locust Swarm. Electric Boogaloo's twist: Including powerful Pets of the Crazy Class, like Abracadaver and The Chickening!
Bungee PlumberH.png x2 Cat LadyH.png x4 Dog WalkerH.png x4 Killer WhaleH.png x2 Zombie's Best FriendH.png x4
ZookeeperH.png x4 AbracadaverH.png x2 Area 22H.png x2 Gizzard LizardH.png x2 Zombie YetiH.png x1
Cosmic YetiH.png x2 The ChickeningH.png x2 Hippity Hop GargantuarH.png x2 Locust SwarmH.png x1 Mondo BrontoH.png x4
Octo ZombieH.png x2

Electric BoogalooH.png No Escape

PvZH Beastly Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
If you instantly destroy every Plant you ever see, what's left? A losing opponent. This deck destroys little Plants, big Plants, and everything in between. Fireworks Zombie opens your Barrel of Deadbeards. Nurse Gargantuar sweeps up the ashes.
NibbleH.png x2 Trapper TerritoryH.png x2 Barrel of DeadbeardsH.png x4 Cyborg ZombieH.png x4 Total EclipseH.png x3
Fireworks ZombieH.png x4 Zombot's WrathH.png x2 B-flatH.png x1 Interstellar Bounty HunterH.png x4 The ChickeningH.png x3
Foot Soldier ZombieH.png x1 Locust SwarmH.png x3 Supernova GargantuarH.png x2 Nurse GargantuarH.png x2 Zombot 1000H.png x2
Gargantuars' FeastH.png x1

Electric BoogalooH.png Astromancy 101

PvZH Beastly Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
The Powerful Quasar Wizard conjures you random Superpowers... even ones you can't normally play! Use Secret Agents to play them again and again, then turn on the pain with Binary Stars.
Bungee PlumberH.png x4 Cheese CutterH.png x4 Disco-NautH.png x4 Secret AgentH.png x2 Quasar WizardH.png x4
Space NinjaH.png x4 Area 22H.png x3 Moon Base ZH.png x3 Surfer ZombieH.png x3 Binary StarsH.png x4
Supernova GargantuarH.png x2 Gas GiantH.png x3

Electric BoogalooH.png Raid & Upgrade

PvZH Beastly Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
Tennis Champ and Quasar Wizard make special effects when played. Once the effects are done, it's the perfect time to upgrade them into Evolution Zombies!
Mystery EggH.png x2 Quickdraw Con ManH.png x2 Tennis ChampH.png x4 Disco Dance FloorH.png x4 Extinction EventH.png x4
Killer WhaleH.png x4 Quasar WizardH.png x2 Zombie's Best FriendH.png x2 Area 22H.png x2 Gizzard LizardH.png x4
Hover-Goat 3000H.png x1 Primordial Cheese ShoverH.png x4 TankylosaurusH.png x4 Zombot 1000H.png x1


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Electric Boogaloo
China Simplified Chinese 霹雳舞王
Traditional Chinese 霹靂舞
France French Boogaloo Électrique
Germany German Electric Boogaloo
Italy Italian Boogaloo Elettrico
Japan Japanese エレクトリックブーガルー
South Korea Korean 일렉트릭 부갈로
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Dança Imortal
Russia Russian Заразительная сальса
Spain Spanish Bugalú Eléctrico


  • His signature superpower, Stayin' Alive, is a reference to the song Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees.
  • When this hero is used, the battle music is slightly changed to have a 70-ish groove to it.
  • He is referred to as just "Boogaloo" in the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Animated Trailer.
    • According to the trailer, he uses his original Disco Zombie appearance as his secret identity as he is seen switching from it to his hero form.
  • He has access to the least number of cards of any zombie hero.
  • The name of Electric Boogaloo's Rare Strategy Deck is a reference to the popular dancing game Dance Dance Revolution.
  • The name of Electric Boogaloo's Legendary Strategy Deck is a reference to the movie No Escape.
  • Impfinity, The Smash, Rustbolt and Electric Boogaloo are the only ones that can be chosen as starter heroes.
    • He is offered as the second alongside The Smash. If not chosen, he will return with Impfinity as the third potential choice.
  • He has the most dancing cards, Gargantuar cards, and non-superpower environment cards out of all zombie heroes. He also has the second most pet zombies in the game (with Brain Freeze having the most.)
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