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A plague has swept this era.
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If you are looking for the Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West variant, see Electric Anemone.

Electric Anemone (电海松; pinyin: diàn hǎi sōng) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It shoots balls of electricity at zombies. If the zombie is in an air bubble (which can be made by Bubble Flower), it makes the bubble an electric bubble and does much more damage. It can be planted under water without oxygen supplies.


Electric Anemone is based on the green sea fingers (Codium fragile), also known the dead man's fingers, a species of seaweed native to the western Pacific Ocean; as well as the blue branching seaweed (Fauchea laciniata), a iridescent blue species of red algae seaweed found in the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park.

However its appearance is based on the blue coral (Heliopora coerulea), a species of colonial coral which is actually the piled skeletons of tiny dead animals called polyps, and not a plant.




静电攻击可杀伤被泡泡罩住后浮空的僵尸、河豚僵尸及海洋漂浮物。 与泡泡花在同一排还会产生攻击联动效果:产生额外伤害。

技能: 无
消耗阳光: 200
伤害: 轻微
冷却时间: 较短

    In English: Electric Anemone

    Underwater air combatant expert.
    Can fire lightning to attack the enemy.

    Tower defense:
    Electric attacks can kill airborne zombies, pufferfish zombies, and flying marine zombies after being trapped in bubbles. Bubble Flowers in the same row will produce an attack linkage effect: dealing additional damage

    Skills: None
    Sun cost: 200

    Damage: Light
    Recharge: Fast

Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, it shoots a powerful electric ball which ricochets through many zombies on the lawn. The ball deals a huge amount of damage on contact and disappears when the whole amount of damage is released completely.


This plant's main use is to be placed along with a Bubble Flower for maximum damage potential. It is advisable to use both a lot on the world, as both of them work underwater without Oxygen Supplies. Remember to put just two Electric Anemones and one Bubble Flower to ensure maximum power.



  • Its charging animation is similar to that of Cryo-shroom.
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