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Egyptian Market - Day 3 was the third level in the Elite version of Egyptian Market in the Adventure Mode of Plants vs. Zombies Online.


  • The Buckethead Mummy was quite tough, but could still be defeated easily with well-upgraded attacking plants.
  • The Flag Mummy Zombie could heal zombies. Strongest attacking plants should have been placed on the lawn to be able to kill the zombies quickly.


  • Upgrade your plants' level by playing previous levels. Then upgrade them more with Puzzle Pieces and the Oven in your house. Hunt more Puzzle Pieces from previous levels.
  • Strongest attack plants should be dragged onto the lawn. Ice plants as Snow Pea could be used to freeze enemies. Healing plants, like Twin Sunflower, defensive plants, like Wall-nut, or charge-attacking plants such as Iceberg Lettuce or Cherry Bomb, were optional.



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