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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Eggs are environmental modifiers in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. An Egg Pusher Imp or Egg Stealer Imp can bring them onto the lawn. Depending on the egg, the damage they can absorb can range from 3000 to 6000, and it slowly damages itself by 75 damage every 0.25 seconds. It summons a baby dinosaur or an Eggshell Imp when destroyed. The baby dinosaur will cry and call an adult version of it within a few seconds of hatching. The adult version will cause different effects based on what type egg is broken. There are 4 eggs in total: the Pterodactyl egg, the Brontosaurus egg, the Eggshell Imp egg, and the T. Rex egg. In addition, the egg is also used as an armor for the Eggshell Imp. An egg can be removed out of the lawn only by using a Dinonip.


Egg Health First appearance Effects when hatched
Pterodactyl Egg2.png Pterodactyl egg 6000 Day 7  Once the baby dinosaur hatches, either the adult will fly and carry it with no effect, or the adult pterodactyl will crash land in front of it two tiles ahead of it, then carry it off. The crash landing effect will kill any plant in the two tiles it lands in unless the plant has more than 6000 health or it is a Spikerock.
Brontosaurus Egg2.png Brontosaurus egg 4500 Day 13 The brontosaurus egg will call upon the adult brontosaurus, which will do its normal attack by stomping the ground that kills all plants and do high damage to zombies. The brontosaurus will always stomp where the egg was broken.
Eggshell Imp Egg2.png Eggshell Imp egg 5000 Day 17 Once hatched, it shows a Jurassic Imp in an egg, namely the Eggshell Imp, and will start moving.
T-Rex Egg2.png T. Rex egg 3000 Day 20 Reveals an orange baby T-Rex. It will then rush off, followed by the Dinosaur Stampede surprise attack. The stampede can still be countered by Dinonip's Plant Food effect.



  • It is the first obstacle that can damage itself.
    • It is also the first obstacle to have a burnt animation.
  • When a shrunken Egg Stealer Imp drops its egg, the egg will be back to normal size.
  • Eggshell Imp's egg is the only egg that does not have degrades before him hatching.
  • Eggs can be stacked in a tile if an Egg Stealer Imp drops its egg on a tile that already has an egg.
  • Also, it seems that zombies canonically reproduce by laying eggs due to the Mystery Egg's description, and the egg being shown in a trailer for Jurassic Marsh to show zombies coming out of it.
    • To add, Eggshell Imp comes out of an egg that bares more surface resemblance to Mystery Egg, than its Dinosaur counterpart, with a very exotic and rough texture on it.
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