Drop That Gnome Xbox

Drop That Gnome icon in the Xbox One version

Drop That Gnome is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The player can get it by vanquishing ten enemies while they are carrying a gnome bomb in the Gnome Bomb game mode.


This can be hard to get, so you should use certain abilities to succeed in vanquishing a gnome bomber. Peashooters can use their Chili Bean Bombs and Pea Gatling, Sunflowers can use their Sunbeam, Chompers can burrow, goop or chomp, Cacti can snipe from a distance, use their Potato Mines or drones, Foot Soldiers can use their ZPG, Engineers can use their drones, Scientists can get up close and deal damage by Warping, and All-Stars can use their tackles or Imp Punts.


  • The name of this achievement is the same as one of the challenges for characters, except with a '!' added at the end.
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