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Dragon Swoop is an ability for the Drake Mech in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Drake Mech charges forward a short distance and dealing up to 75 damage to any plant that is in front of it, similar to the Drag Race



This ability can be used in four ways, to get up close to a plant and allow your Drake Flame to secure a vanquish, to get away from a threat like a Pea/Retro Gatling to unroot the latter, or, like the Shrimp Jump, to finish off a damaged enemy. However, due to the long recharge time, you will likely only use one or two of these abilities before having to eject.


This ability can be very deadly to you as the charge itself deals a decent amount of damage, plus he'll probably be close enough to you to obliterate you with his Drake Flame. However, even after he has done this, abilities like Time Snare and EMPeach can save many teammates and make the mech a better target for big threats like Frozen Citron and Sun/Solar Flare Beams.

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