Dragon Age is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to plant ten Snapdragons in one level. It is worth 10 points in the Game Center and 1,000 XP in Google Play Games. This achievement requires a total of 1500 sun (with Snapdragon at level 1-5), 1250 sun (with Snapdragon at level 6-9) or 1000 sun (with Snapdragon at level 10 or higher).


The in-game ad of Heroes of Dragon Age, a spin-off of Dragon Age

The achievement's name is named after Dragon Age, a game published by Electronic Arts.


This achievement is very easy in Last Stand (Day 6 of Wild West, for example). However, this achievement is easy to unlock on regular levels too. Keep collecting until you reach the maximum requirement of sun to earn this achievement. A good choice is to feed Plant Food to one of your Twin Sunflowers (or other sun producing plants), as they will instantly generate a huge amount of sun. You can also stall the zombies with Wall-nuts or use Potato Mines to get more sun. Just keep planting more and more and use defensive plants to protect them if necessary. Another way to do this is on Day 1 of Ancient Egypt because there are no tombstones or large amounts of zombies.

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