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All-Star Zombie
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For the version in other games, see Dr. Zomboss.

Dr. Zomboss is a Brainiac Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3.

Almanac entry

Dr. Zomboss
Level 7
Dr. Zomboss3
He's baa-aack. Dr. Edgar G. Zomboss has
more brains than any other zombie, but
he still wants more! Yours, if he's being
precise. And Dr. Zomboss is always very,
very precise.

Dr. Zomboss will first appear on the 10th floor of the Devour Tower and will appear every 3 Floors after that. His Abilities include:

  • Summon zombies encountered this floor (There maybe a few exceptions).
  • Zap plant(s), damaging and stunning them.
  • Create fog in the 7th, 8th and 9th columns.
  • Create two portals, when zombies enter one of them,they will exit from the other one in the opposite direction.
  • The Zombot attacks with its front claws,dealing huge damage in the 6th column and leave it unplantable for a while.
  • Launch a missile, dealing heavy damage to plants in a 3x3 grid (Enough to kill lower/same level non-defensive plants)
  • The Zombot disappears and summon several small duplicates of the Zombot,they are very weak and killing them will slightly injure the Zombot. The Zombot will reappear after some time.
  • The Zombot levitates, preventing most plants (including lobbers) from damaging it.
  • Create a breakable shield in front of the Zombot and moving with it, blocking damage from most plants.
  • Turn a zombie into a Gargantuar.



  • He is the only zombie that has all of the traits in the game.
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