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Dr. Patient is a zombie introduced in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare comic.

He eventually appeared in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 as the zombie NPC who gives the player the first wave of zombie quests.


You are Cordially Invited

Dr. Zomboss is having a competition to see if any Zombie is intelligent enough to find his secret lab!

No Boloney, No Problem!

Track down a special secret door-finding device. Only it's lost, so...

Ancient Knowledge

The Secret Door Finder isn't working! Expert advice is required!


The door finder is on, but it's out of power. Charge the door finder so that you may find the secret entrance to Dr. Zomboss' Lab.

Finder of Doors

The Door Finder is turned on, it's been charged, it's ready to find the door!


  • In the mission Yuck!, you go through five "graveyard ops" waves. These mission waves actually count as graveyard ops waves and can be helpful in quests.
  • In the comics, he looked like a normal Scientist. However, in the game, he looks like a customized Physicist.
    • Although he is wearing the Physicist's lab coat and "backpack", he is actually holding a Scientist's weapon, the Goo Blaster.

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