Dr. Heals (previously known as Super Heal Bot) is a bot in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 that can be built in Graveyard Ops. It heals zombies around it in a similar fashion as normal Zombie Heal Stations. It is the zombie counterpart to the Heal Flower and is built using the Build-a-Bot screen.

Stickerbook description

Got an injury? Call on Dr. Heals to treat it.


Dr. Heals can be considered to be the zombie version of the Heal Flower, so it should be treated like one. It is best used if the zombie team doesn't have any Scientists. It is defenseless, so be sure to protect it from the plants.

A simple tactic to employ with this bot is to place down one in a safe location and have a few zombies protect it. This ensures that the team has access to healing when needed.

The All-Star is an ideal class to use if the player wishes to protect Dr. Heals from plant attacks. The All-Star has very high health, meaning he can take a lot of damage, he is not restricted to melee combat like Super Brainz and his Dummy Shields can be used as durable barriers to protect against Cacti, Citrons and other high damage threats. In return, any damage that the All-Star sustains while protecting Dr. Heals can quite easily be undone by the bot's healing.



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