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Dr. Fizzician is a deuteragonist for the zombies in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His appearance is identical to the Scientist but wears a hat, glasses, a mustache, but does not hold a Scientist's weapon. These accessories (except the fact that the regular Scientist weapon holds a weapon) are customizations one can put on his or her Scientist. Dr. Fizzician gives out quests for the zombies after the player beats the final zombies (Ol' Deadbeard, Super Duper Brainz, or Steve, depending on which course the player takes) final quest. His role is very similar, if not identical, to the Dave-bot 3000.1.


His name is a pun on "physician."


In his first mission, he assigns the player to go to Z-Tech Factory as something is interfering with the technology being developed there. After the player completes five waves, the Royal Hypno-Flower appears and uses Super Goatify on the player, turning them into a permanent Goat until the mission is over. The player must survive four minutes after they are turned into a Goat.

In his second mission, he tells the player to find Gene Error in the zombies base. Gene Error assigns the player to find Sky Troopers, Browncoats, and Giga-Gargantuars for the army to battle Royal Hypno-Flower. When the player assembles the zombies, Gene Error's teleporter breaks and sends the zombies flying everywhere, causing the zombies to take a different approach to battle the Royal Hypno-Flower.

In his third mission, he tells the player that Zomboss tracked down the Royal Hypno-Flower to Time Park and the player needs to lure it out using a Royal Hypno-Flower Espresso. After the player lures it out, they need to destroy the Royal Hypno-Flower with their attacks and eat Poly Leaves to dispel Super Goatify three times.


  • He used to hold a normal Scientist's weapon and play the animations of a normal Scientist, but in the Graveyard Variety Pack his animation was changed to where he looks around constantly with his hands together with no weapon, and then gestures with his hands and mouth at the player.
    • This is the same animation that both Dr. Patient and Dr. Daul Fin play.
      • Most of the other quest-giving zombie NPCs had an animation similar to this added in the Graveyard Variety Pack.

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