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Dr. Daul Fin is a new zombie NPC in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Dr. Daul Fin's appearance is identical to the Marine Biologist but wears the Ribbit hat instead. Dr. Daul Fin helps the player in one of Captain Deadbeard's missions, in which Dr. Daul Fin and the player use a shrinking potion from a Druid Rose to go inside Snaggles, Ol' Deadbeard's pet shark. Once the player and Dr. Daul Fin are inside Snaggles, they need to vanquish Dandelions, Toxic Peas, and Toxic Chompers to complete the mission.

He also starts a mission in the Backyard Battleground, in which the player needs to find a note outside of his house in Zomburbia. The note tells the player to find ten hidden fish in locations all around the Backyard. Once the player finds all the fish, they are awarded with 25,000 coins and the Ribbit hat.


  • Dr. Daul Fin's name is a pun of "dolphin."

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