Dr. Chester is a Scientist variant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. His Cheese Blaster deals 30 damage and has a short-ranged attack, like the Chemist, but it can shoot at a very fast speed. It has eight ammunition. He is obtained by opening the Dr. Chester Character Pack.

Stickerbook description

Most Zombie Scientists choose to specialize in Neurology. They’re not really good at it, but it means they don’t have to pack a lunch when they go to work. Dr. Chester is different. He has a PhD in Cheeseology. How delicious is that?!

Primary weapon

The Cheese Blaster is the primary weapon of the Dr. Chester. It has a very limited range and is fully automatic. It has an 8 ammo clip and deals 30 damage for every shot.


Left abilities
Zombie Heal StationGW1.pngZombie Heal Station The Zombie Heal Station heals all zombies within its radius.
Armored Heal StationGW1.pngArmored Heal Station An alternate ability of Zombie Heal Station, Armored Heal Station heals at a slower rate than the Zombie Health Station, and self-destructs the same time as the Zombie Heal Station. Its incredible size allows players to jump on it to get to most buildings.
Cheetah Heal StationGW1.pngCheetah Heal Station An alternate ability of Zombie Heal Station, Cheetah Heal Station heals at a faster rate, but also self-destructs faster.
Center abilities
WarpGW1.pngWarp With Warp, the player teleports a few meters forward in a straight line. The player deviates upward to go upstairs, small fences, etc.
Energy WarpGW1.pngEnergy Warp An alternate ability of Warp, Energy Warp allows the Scientist to transform into pure energy (he is invincible in this state. The Scientist is able to travel freely but cannot jump or attack. It also gains a small speed boost.
Cheesy WarpGW1.pngCheesy Warp An alternate ability of Warp, Cheesy Warp has the same use as Warp but deals 30 damage to all plants after reaching its destination.
Right abilities
Sticky Explody BallGW1.pngSticky Explody Ball Sticky Explody Ball is an explosive ball which explodes when an enemy plant is in a meter radius. It deals 50 damage.
Mega Heal BombGW1.pngMega Heal Bomb An alternate ability of Sticky Explody Ball, Mega Heal Bomb is a huge ball like the Sticky Explody Ball with a bigger radius. Heals all zombies in its radius by 50 health.
Sticky Cheetah BallGW1.pngSticky Cheetah Ball An alternate ability of Sticky Explody Ball, Sticky Cheetah Ball is orange in color with black spots, deals 75 damage.

Weapon upgrades


Crunch Capacitor

An accelerated crunch capacitor has improved reload times in ways he can't quite comprehend.

More Cheesy Cheese

Unprecedented advances in cheese compression technology have resulted in increased ammo capacity.

Energized Energy

A new, extra-energized energy conversion technique for increased damage.


Originally, the player had to buy a specially marked package of Cheetos at a Target store and redeem an included code. However, everyone who owned the game on September 5, 2014 could have gotten him and Chester Chomper, as well as their abilities and upgrades for free.

Update history

Legends of the Lawn DLC

  • Ammo clip was increased by 2.
  • Increased damage.

Related achievements

Stuck on You PSN.png
Stuck on You
As a Scientist, Vanquish 10 Players with the Sticky Explody Ball
Hunting Season PSN.png
Hunting Season
Vanquish 100 Soldiers, 100 Scientists, 100 Engineers and 100 All Stars




  • In Garden Warfare 2, the Zoologist is a re-skinned Dr. Chester, without the unique abilities and with more range.
  • He is the only promotional zombie variant, as all of the others are variants of plant classes.
  • Despite his absence in Garden Warfare 2 due to him being a promotional character, his weapon, the Cheese Blaster, as well as his exclusive abilities, are still residing within the game's code, and can be accessed via modding, this also applies for the other promotional characters.
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