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Doom-shroom is a mushroom appearing in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition.

When activated either through normal planting in Night and Fog levels, or through waking up via feeding it a Coffee Bean in daylight levels, Doom-shroom will explode, dealing 1800 damage in a 7x5 area (7x6 in the Android version), with the AOE capable of covering almost the entire lawn. It also destroys every plant on the tile it is on, leaving a crater for 3 minutes which cannot be planted on. This makes it an environment modifier. Doom-shroom's damage doesn't count as a fire-based effect, so the surviving zombies won't be thawed if they had an ice effect on them before.


Sound Description
Doom-shroom exploding.

Suburban Almanac entry

Doom-shrooms destroy everything in a large area and leave a crater that can't be planted on.
Damage: massive

Range: all zombies in a huge area
Usage: single use, instant
Special: leaves a crater

Sleeps during the day
"You're lucky I'm on your side," says
Doom-shroom. "I could destroy everything
you hold dear. It wouldn't be hard."
Cost: 125 Recharge: very slow


Doom-shroom proves itself to be worthy of its appearance as a tactical nuclear weapon: An incredibly powerful explosive with great potential, but also with noticeable drawbacks. Thanks to its massive area of effect and damage, Doom-shroom can cover almost every threat present on the screen and wipe out anything short of a Gargantuar, as long as it is planted on the pool rows in Pool and Fog levels, or not on the edge rows in other areas. On the other hand, the resulting crater can be detrimental, as it can practically lock down the tile permanently in normal levels, or for many flags in Survival: Endless, a place where every planting tile is needed and losing one could result in a loss of the level for the player. The slow recharge rate also hampers Doom-shroom somewhat, though Imitater can be used to combat this.

Similarly to Ice-shroom's case, the nocturnal plant mechanic does not necessarily affect Doom-shroom negatively, as it will allow the player to "stockpile" Doom-shrooms and activate them when needed. However, stockpiling Doom-shroom is a far more difficult task, as Doom-shroom will need to be planted on the frontline in order to fully utilize its potential, unlike Ice-shroom, which can be planted anywhere. In this case, Pumpkin can be used to help the player do this more efficiently — while Doom-shroom will destroy its Pumpkin when activated, the tactical value of being able to store powerful explosive weapons is usually worth the additional 125 sun, especially in Survival: Endless.

Related achievements

Complete a level using only Explosive Plants to kill zombies.
Good Morning.png
Good Morning
Complete a daytime level by planting mushrooms and Coffee Beans only.
No Fungus Among Us.png
No Fungus Among Us
Complete a Nighttime Level without planting any mushrooms.
Collect all 49 plants.
Book Learner.png


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  • When it explodes, the word "DOOM!!" will appear with a purple mushroom cloud.
    • These are identical to the smoke clouds created when a Lawn Mower destroys a Gargantuar, only colored purple.
  • The Nintendo DS version's phrase of "DOOM!!" is wider than in other versions as well as off the ground.

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