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"You're lucky I'm on your side," says Doom-shroom. "I could destroy everything you hold dear. It wouldn't be hard."

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Doom-shroom is a recurring character within in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Doom-shroom is a mushroom plant who often serves as an explosive plant, exploding into a large mushroom cloud typically with an accompanying "DOOM!!" onomatopoeia, dealing heavy damage to all zombies within its range.

As of Plants vs. Zombies 3, Doom-shroom has appeared in six games, with a cameo appearance in one.


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Appearance-wise in both shape and color, Doom-shroom resembles the black velvet bolete (Tylopilus alboater), a bolete fungus in the Boletaceae family.

The doom in its name refers to its evil look, and how it 'dooms' the zombies, by exploding and defeating a lot in a large radius. The word "DOOM!!" also appears when it explodes. The shroom in its name refers to how it is a mushroom. It may also reference a mushroom cloud. This type of cloud also is formed from any large enough explosion, but it is commonly associated with atomic bomb detonations, another reference to its power and very large range.

Plants vs. Zombies

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Doom-shroom's first appearance was in the original Plants vs. Zombies game, as well as most Chinese spin-off games based on it as the last plant unlocked during the Night area.

When planted, Doom-shroom explodes into a large purple mushroom cloud, dealing an immense amount of damage in massive 7x5 area around itself. After exploding it leaves a tile sized crater where it is planted, rendering the tile unable to be planted on for three minutes.

If Doom-shroom is planted on a Lily Pad, Flower Pot, or inside a Pumpkin, they will be destroyed by Doom-shroom's explosion. Being a mushroom, it falls asleep during the day, being unable to explode until woken up by planting a Coffee Bean on it.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

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Doom Balloon2.png

Although not appearing as a stand alone plant, Doom-shroom makes a cameo in Plants vs Zombies 2, appearing through Boom Balloon Flower's Plant Food ability "Doom Balloon"[1].

When fed Plant Food, Boom Balloon Flower summons a large parade float in the shape of Doom-shroom which floats to the center lane and explodes, dealing heavy damage to all zombies and obstacles on the lawn, complete with mushroom cloud and "DOOM!!" onomatopoeia (albeit lasting much shorter).

Garden Warfare series and Battle for Neighborville

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In the third person games, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Doom-shroom appears as a Spawnable Potted plant.

Doom-shroom retains its role as an explosive plant, dealing a large amount of damage to nearby targets, but unlike its previous appearance, it can explode multiple times, needing to hide and recharge after each explosion and leaving itself vulnerable to attack.

In Battle for Neighborville, Doom-Shroom has been slightly redesigned to always be glowing purple, the same color as its explosion. Like all returning potted plants in Battle for Neighborville, Doom-Shroom has also received a planting cooldown, being unable to be planted more than once every 5 minutes.

In the Garden Warfare games, it has two exclusive variants, with one appearing for each game. These variants are identical in function and merely serve as event specific re-skins. The original Garden Warfare has Cariboom, a Doom-shroom adorned with reindeer antlers and a bright red nose, it is tied to the recurring Feastivus event.

Garden Warfare 2 features Perfume Shroom, a Doom-shroom covered in makeup and lipstick, it has a unique attack named "Perfume" but this attack functions identically to the standard Doom-shroom's attack. Perfume Shroom can be bought from Rux's Bazaar for a price of 25,000 coins for 10 uses.

Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars (China only) (Archived content)

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Doom-shroom also appeared in the Chinese-exclusive turn-based game Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars, here it was the second plant in the Doom line, evolving from Moody-shroom and evolving into Bomb Doom-shroom. It attacked zombies by firing high damage lasers.

Its active ability was Nuclear Doom, where it rushed to the first enemy in its lane and exploded in a 3x3 area while its passive ability was Revenge, where they gained extra attack when another plant is destroyed for 2 turns (the effect can't stack but can be extended).

Its soulmates were members of the Cactus line for a boost to their critical hit chance, and members of the Tail line or members of the Chrysanthemum line and Magnet lines combined for a damage boost.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

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Doom-Shroom also makes an appearance in the turn-based mobile card game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes as a Premium Super-rare Plant for the PvZH Guardian Icon.pngGuardian class.

It costs 5SunPvZH.png to play, and its ability allows it to explode when played, destroying all zombies on the field with 4StrengthPvZH.png or more. As a caveat however, Doom-Shroom will also destroy any plants on the field with 4StrengthPvZH.png or more. This makes Doom-Shroom it a rather tricky card to use in normal gameplay, but synergizes well with plants who have an ability upon being defeated.


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