On Again, Off Again
This game mode is not always available to be played in-game. It is only available sometimes. It is currently not available.
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Don't Call it a Comeback is a Weekly Event game mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is a variant of Suburbination which allows the player to play as Wildflower and TV Head along with the existing characters.


Wildflowers and TV Heads going to knock you out in this weeks [sic] Suburbination event where you can play as any class.

Weekly challenges

The weekly challenges for this event are as follows:

  1. Get Vanquishes in a Match (3x)
  2. Deal Damage (7,000x)
  3. Win Matches (5x)


Essentially, this is just a regular Suburbination Isolation with the new Swarm classes added, so use the same strategies as that mode.

Dealing damage and winning matches

Because the final challenge requires you to win matches five times, this could be difficult to accomplish in normal playthroughs. It is highly recommended that you play on regions with empty lobbies and little to no players to complete this challenge easier. The AIs are easier to beat, which allows you to capture objectives without much difficulties. This also helps completing the second challenge easier, which is to deal 7,000 damage as you'll be less likely to get killed.



  • Unlike all other weekly events, this event was released 12 hours ahead of its intended schedule on August 17, 2020 at 11 PM (PDT).
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