Disco Chomper is a Legendary variant of Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He has a special ability called Disco Fever. The ability activates when he swallows 5 zombies, giving Disco Chomper a speed boost and attack boost that lasts for about 30 seconds.

His first appearance in Backyard Battleground is as a boss in the mission "Impsomnia," where the zombies have to ruin a party the plants have started so that the Imps can sleep.


Stickerbook description

Subtlety is definitely not Disco Chomper's strong suit. His groovy polyester leisure suit is, though!

In-game description

Eat Zombies to fill your Disco Fever meter. Fill it all the way to gain a speed boost and inflict extra damage!

Primary weapon

The Disco Chomper's primary weapon is called the Disco Chomp. It deals 30 damage (without damage upgrade) to zombies, which is 5 more damage than the base Chomper's chomp (25 without damage upgrade). It's basically the same as the normal Chomp, as you can also swallow zombies if you go behind them. However, swallowing zombies is essential to activating Disco Fever.



Goop is one of Chomper's only ranged attack. Activating it shoots out a purple spitball in whatever direction the Chomper is facing. If it lands on a Zombie, it covers them in purple goop. While the Zombie is "gooped", it moves slower and cannot turn around as fast. This ability takes 7 seconds to recharge after being used.


The Chomper burrows underground and digs in any desired direction. The Chomper cannot be harmed while underground. If the Chomper manages to dig it's way under a Zombie, it can burst out of the ground and eat it. While burrowing, the time remaining in burrow mode is displayed in a meter at the bottom of the screen, called Dig Power. Moving slower will reduce the rate at which the Dig Power is consumed. If the Chomper doesn't move at all while underground, after approximately 15 seconds, it will be forced back to the surface.


This ability has 3 charges. Chomper deploys a Spikeweed in front of itself. Enemies that stand on it will take 50 damage (25x2) and get hung into the air for a few seconds. While the Spikeweed is holding the Zombie, the Zombie cannot attack. Swallowing Zombies caught in Spikeweeds gives the Chomper another Spikeweed charge. Once the Spikeweed drops the Zombie, the Spikeweed instantly dies. The Spikeweed can be damaged and destroyed by zombies. The spikeweed can also force zombies out of certain abilities such as Big Bolt Blaster, Barrel Blast etc.

Super Sticky Goop

An alternate ability of Goop, Super Sticky Goop completely immobilizes any zombies struck by it, with the same reduced turn speed as normal goop. The downside is that the cool down is almost twice as long as the normal goop (15 seconds), and it deals half the damage as the normal goop.

Sprint Burrow

An alternate ability of Burrow, Sprint Burrow is a faster, but shorter version of Burrow.

Spiky Spikeweed

An alternate ability of Spikeweed, Spiky Spikeweed does increased damage to zombies caught for a total of 70 damage (35x2 damage). The downside is that only two can be stockpiled at a time, versus the regular three.

Cheesy Goop (GW1 only)

An alternate ability of Goop, Cheesy Goop deals much more damage than its two other counterparts (5 with 10 damage over time) however the ability has a much higher cooldown (double that of Goop, like Super Sticky Goop).


An alternate ability of Spikeweed, Vampweed doesn't deal any damage, but it will heal you a total of 40 hp (10x4 hp) and still snaring zombies. Like the Spiky Spikeweed, only 2 can be stockpiled at a time.

Chomp Cannon

An alternate ability of Goop, the Chomp Cannon does not goop zombies, but rather launches a projectile from the Chomper's mouth after a second that deals a great amount of damage if it hits a zombie (100 direct hit, 50 max splash damage). This is useful for attacking Zombies on the rooftops.

Chesterweed (GW1 only)

The Chesterweed attacks at an extremely fast speed, dealing up to 70 damage in 5 seconds. Chompers eating zombies trapped by the Chesterweed will swallow significantly faster, but the Chomper can only have two of them at a time, instead of three. It takes 60 seconds to recharge one Chesterweed.



The Disco Chomper is very similar to the standard Chomper with the exception of Disco Fever which activates after eating 5 zombies (It fills up the same regardless of the type of zombie). As with all members of the Chomper class, it is best to use a stealthy strategy, go for single targets and avoid groups of zombies and/or hide around corners, and wait to strike so you can fill Disco Fever. Another good strategy to fill your meter is to eat the zombies summoned from dirt (Browncoat Zombie is a favorable target), thus allowing you to fill meter without much fear since the consumable zombies rush toward you without much sense of reason most of the time. When Disco Fever is activated, you may wish to act very aggressively as the damage and speed boost makes you practically invincible to everything with an exception of the Parrot Pal and sniping zombies. To deal with these, you can use Chomp Cannon ability on them. As a general rule, it's best to keep yourself out of the sights of zombies you can't reach, as Chompers in general are extremely vulnerable to snipers (Though the Yeti Chomper is an exception to a degree).


When fighting a Disco Chomper it is best to be sniping it and try to pack in groups to avoid death. Try and get on rooftops or big rocks as it cannot reach you from there (watch out for chomp canon though). Try and keep an eye out for any disco chompers as if they are ignored and manage to fill their legendary meters, they can push/defend objectives effortlessly (most of the time). Soildiers, engineers and allstars are effective counters to this chomper (Imps can be depending on the skill of the Imp).

Unlocking tips

The Disco Chomper is a Legendary variant, meaning that it is extremely hard to find stickers for him in sticker packs, and he cannot be unlocked in Phenomenal Character Packs. However, only two stickers are needed to unlock him. The best strategy to unlocking the Disco Chomper is to keep buying Fertilizer Fun packs, as they only contain Plant-only items, and have the best items, meaning that it is more likely you will get the Disco Chomper. Another good strategy to get him is to buy the Zany Zombopolis packs, because it has the highest chance of getting a Legendary. Sometimes, a character showcase will happen, and the selected plant class will get a limited pack featuring items it can only get. If that class is Chomper, you may have a chance to get a Disco Chomper piece, since only Chomper related items can be received.

Balancing changes

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • Decreased the digestion time after a chomp escape (i.e. your victim got away using anti-chomp ability like jackhammer)
  • Brought Chompers regeneration delay to parity with all other playable characters

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Tuned Chomper camera to be closer to the camera in Garden Warfare
  • Improved all digestion time upgrade multipliers

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Reduced damage in Disco mode




Plants vs zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Disco Chomper Legendary


  • In the Impsomnia mission, before the player completely destroys the party, the Disco Chomper comes out of the ground in front of the turntables. The Disco Chomper appears in a similar way to the Disco Zombie, with Disco Zombie's boss theme even starting to play, before being changed. After this cutscene, he engages the player in combat. He is considered a "champion," meaning he has more health than a regular Disco Chomper. In this mission, the Disco Chomper is also called the "DJ Chomper."
    • Since the Disco Chomper is called the "DJ Chomper" in the "Impsomnia" mission, it is possible that Disco Chomper is the DJ for, or even started, said party.
      • Some of the music heard at the party is a remix of the rap jam.
  • He looks very similar to the party variants, but rather is specifically disco themed (70s), rather than 80s themed.
  • He is the second Chomper variant with human-like teeth, with the first being the Chester Chomper, and the third being the Unicorn Chomper.
  • His head resembles a disco ball.
  • Disco Chomper was given a new movement animation once he activates his Disco Fever in the Graveyard Variety Pack expansion. However, this may be something that is shown due to his increased speed, as Hot Rod Chomper does this animation when he eats a zombie, and any other Chomper variant can also do this special animation with the Speed Boost Craziness option activated in a private match.
  • Whenever he chomps, emerges from the ground or respawns, disco-like sounds can be heard.
  • Him, Iron Citron, Computer Scientist, Toxic Brainz, Commando Corn and Scallywag Imp are the only non-party variants to be of "Legendary" rareness.
    • In addition, all four have special abilities that are activated by filling their respective meters.
      • Furthermore, Disco Chomper and Toxic Brainz are the only two Legendary variants that fill their meter in unique ways. Disco Chomper must eat his victims, rather than vanquishing them with his bite or damaging abilities, whereas Toxic Brainz must fill his meter with successfully landed punches.
  • He is the only Chomper variant does not have any sort of organic on his head.

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