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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
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Desert Death Zombie (沙漠死神, pinyin: shāmò sǐshén) was a zombie that appeared in Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. His special ability was that he created small patches of quicksand five tiles long in the lane he was in and the two adjacent lanes to himself. Any zombie coming into those lanes slid quickly into the lawn, similarly to the Zombie Bobsled Team. The patches of quicksand also killed the player's plants. However, the quicksand disappeared after a while.

Almanac entry

TOUGHNESS: 普通 (Typical)

SPEED: 一般 (Normal)

Summons Quicksand Zombies, allows other zombies to eat your plants faster.



  • For some reason, the upper part of his left arm was missing.
    • This happened before he lost his arm.
  • He is similar to Zomboni, as they both left trails behind for other zombies to come.
  • He appeared to have the Eye of Horus on the hat he wore on his head.

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