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Decorations were items available in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures that could have be used to decorate the Player's Town. While most of them were aesthetic and paid for with Zombucks, there were gem-paid decorations that increased the amount of coins a building produced by a defined percentage and range. Some of the gem-paid decorations were only available from Treasure Chests. Decorations could only have been placed if there was enough free space in any lot to place them.

Purchased with Zombucks

Name Image Description Zombucks
White Picket Fence White picket fence Trick friends into painting it for you! 20
Brown Fence Brown fence A classic fence for the purist in all of us. 30
Brown Fence II Brown Fence II This fence can provide your shy plants much needed privacy 40
Chainlink Fence Chainlink fence Sometimes a fence is just a fence. 50
Round Bush Round bush Not to be confused with the Spherical Bush. 50
Mossy Rock Fence Mossy rock fence Gosh, this rock fence sure is mossy! 60
Sunflower Banner Sunflower banner Show your support! 65
Zombie Banner Zombie banner Show your support! 65
Barbed Wire Fence Barbed wire fence Like a wire fence. Only barbier. 75
Spherical Bush Spherical bush Not to be confused with the Round Bush. 75
Round Flower Bush Round flower bush The Round Bush's fashion-conscious cousin. 100
White Patio Chair White patio chair It would be great to sit in, if you have time to sit. 100
Square Bush Square bush Would wear a pocket protector if it had pockets. 125
Campus Small Bush Campus small bush Small campus bush. 150
Hedge Fence Hedge fence Not to be confused with a hedge fund. 150
Rainbow Pinwheel Rainbow Pinwheel Pinwheels bring smiles to the whole town; use them for some extra cheer 150
Square Flower Bush Square flower bush Can you really be a square with flowers in your hair? 150
Tall Thin Tree Tall thin tree Doesn't provide much shade, but never eats your frisbees. 150
Strong Hedge Fence Strong Hedge Fence Half-plant, half-fence hybrid; the future is now 175
Triangle Bush Triangle bush It's technically a pyramid. 175
Blue Lawn Chair Blue lawn chair A cozy place to sit while the zombies come for your brains. 200
Campus Fence Campus fence Keep the undergrads from escaping. 200
Campus Fall Tree Campus fall tree Makes you want to play some disc golf. 250
Campus Fall Tree Campus fall tree 4 Reminds you of mid-terms. 250
Campus Fall Tree Campus fall tree 2 The best tree your tuition can buy. 250
Campus Fall Tree Campus fall tree 3 Still hasn't declared its major. 250
Fire Hydrant Fire Hydrant Won't actually hydrant fires. 250
Garbage Can Garbage can Don't forget about trash day. 250
Mint Lawn Chair Mint lawn chair Actually made of mint. 250
Rectangle Flower Bush Rectangle flower bush It's like two Square Flower Bushes in one! 250
Cinnamon Lawn Chair Cinnamon Lawn Chair Oddly enough, this chair comes with a 50 year warranty 275
Classic Trash Can Classic trash can Disgruntled puppet not included. 275
Park Bench Park Bench A park bench in your front lawn? Why not! 300
Zombie Totem Zombie totem Make for an excellent coat rack. 325
Parking Meter Parking meter The meter maid hasn't been here in a while. 350
Stop Sign Stop sign Want someone to stop? This is the sign for you! 350
Hammock Hammock Good for catching for the other types of Zs. 400
Wooden Patio Chair Wooden Patio Chair It's a chair. For your patio. Made of wood. 400
Yield sign Yield sign Like a stop sign, but less assertive. 400
Patio Table Patio table Made to withstand all weather conditions and zombie invasions. 450
Pink Flamingo Pink Flamingo Show off your refined sense of aesthetics with these majestic birds. 475
Bus Sign Bus Sign The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the lawn. 500
Mail Box Mail box The mailman hasn't been by in a while. 500
Scarecrow Scarecrow Really only succeeds in scaring the townspeople. 500
Barbecue Barbecue Go easy on the lighter fluid. 600
Forest Gate Forest gate Designed to keep forests out. 600
Urban Dumpster Urban dumpster For when you're feeling trashy. 800
Wood Lawn Chair Wood Lawn Chair The standard by which all other lawn chairs are judged 800
Wooden Patio Table Wooden Patio Table There's so much one could say about this patio table. 900
Campus Message Board Campus message board Hundred of flyers about amazing events that already happened. 1100
Bird House Bird house Build a little one in your soul. 1125
Bird Villa Bird Villa Where birds vacation to get away from the pressures of modern life. 1450
Stone Bird Bath Stone bird bath It's important to have clean birds in your town. 1500
Welcome Sign Welcome sign Very welcoming! 2000

Purchased with gems

These items increase the amount of coins a building produces by a defined percentage and range.

Name Pic Description Area of Effect Payout Bonus Coins-icon Gems-icon
Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow PVZA Handy in getting rid of zombie messes Small +1% 20
Zombie Crossing Sign Zombie crossing sign Slow zombies playing. Small +1% 20
Wind Chimes Wind chimes Weirdly, they never seem to move or make noise. Small +1% 25
Bike Rack Bike Rack Advanced coating protects this bike rack from weather and zombies Small +1% 35
Swirly Topiary Swirly topiary Don't ask how it got the swirl. Medium +2% 50
Town Sign Town sign Show off your town pride with this classy sign. Medium +1% 50
Zombie Knight Painting Zombie knight painting Life-like, other than, you know, the zombie thing. Medium +2% 75
Mr. Garden Gnome Mr garden gnome He's seen things you wouldn't believe. Medium +2% 75
Sunflower Pedestal Sunflower pedestal She's just so happy to be immortalized! Medium +2% 75
Lawn Sofa Lawn sofa Seats two (people or zombies). Small +2% 80
Bulletin Board Bulletin Board You should ignore any ads that end with "bring brainz" Medium +2% 100
Zombie Head Monument Zombie head monument Zombozymandias, perhaps? Large +2% 100
Elegant Mailbox Elegant Mailbox When a standard mailbox just won't do Medium +2% 125
Gravestone Mailbox Gravestone mailbox Was probably funnier before the zombies showed up. Medium +3% 125
Gas Barbecue Gas barbecue Great for grilling veggies. But don't tell the veggies that. Medium +3% 150
Country Outhouse Country outhouse Leave a little something in the great outdoors. Small +2% 175
Peashooter Topiary Peashooter topiary A plant delicately trimmed to look like another plant. Medium +2% 200
Shed Shed It's like a house but for things instead of people. Medium +2% 200
Sunflower Topiary Sunflower topiary A gardener's homage to the happiest of plants. Medium +2% 225
Cherry Bomb Topiary Cherry bomb topiary Won't actually explode. Probably. Large +2% 275
Beet Topiary Beet topiary Someone really loves that Beet. Small +2% 300
Infrared Barbeque Infrared Barbecue Now you're cooking with POWER! Large +3% 300
Mountain Outhouse Mountain outhouse A different kind of log cabin. Medium +2% 300
Magnet Plant Topiary Magnet plant topiary More plant than magnet, really. Large +2% 325
Rocket Outhouse Rocket outhouse LIFT OFF!! Medium +3% 350
Zombie Fountain Zombie fountain The water looks suspiciously clean. Medium +3% 350
Tiki Outhouse Tiki outhouse Where business meets paradise. Medium +3% 450
Arctic House Arctic outhouse The result of one too many Chilly Peppers. Medium +4% 500
Zombie Hamster Wheel Zombie hamster wheel The brain's a fake, but don't tell the zombie. He needs the exercise. Medium +4% 500


  • There are a few references to other things in the descriptions of these objects.
    • The "Zombozymandias" mentioned in the description of the Zombie Head Monument was a reference to the famous sonnet titled "Ozymandias".
    • The "disgruntled puppet" mentioned in the Classic Trash Can's description is probably a reference to Oscar from Sesame Street. Oscar would usually live in a bin that looked like that.
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