The December 2019 Patch is a patch for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville that was released on November 27, 2019.[1]



  • Added an all-new Map: Oozevoir
  • Updated Giddy Park’s loading screen to a winter-themed version
  • Added new Grandmaster Ranks to the game so character levels now go up to 50 (current top rank is 20)
  • Updated the Social Tab to show the Grandmaster Ranks of all players in Giddy Park
  • Updated the Player Rank plates to make them easier to read
  • Moved completed Free-Roam Region Medals to the bottom of the screen
  • Updated the last Weekly Challenges so they now give Rainbow Stars instead of coins
  • Added a Vanquish/Vanquished Ratio to the end-of-round scoreboard for multiplayer games
  • Added new UI icons for Character Perks, including attack, defend, speed, and character-specific perks

Turf Takeover

  • Decreased capture time for certain objectives
  • Made it easier to hit targets on the final objective in Goopy Gully

Free-Roam Regions

  • Added new ‘Casual’ setting, reducing the amount of damage players will take when at low health
  • Added a 15 second cooldown timer to region Bounty Hunts and Gnome activities

Giddy Park

  • Added two new Festivals – Feastivus and Snowday
  • New set dressing for each festival with “snow” terrain and visual effects
  • Added three new activities in Giddy Park for Snowday Festival in January – Treasure hunt, Bounty, and Coin capture

Battle Arena

  • Updated so that the last player standing will now get a spotting and 10% speed increase buff to help them fight the enemy team

Rux’s Emporium

  • Included the ability for players to now purchase Costumes, Gestures, Emotes, and much more
  • Included the ability for players to purchase Rainbow Stars for use in Rux’s Emporium

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Scoreboard so that it can now be viewed when the player is vanquished
  • Adjusted mouse sensitivity options to have a wider range, allowing the user to adjust them to a much finer extent
  • Fixed the heal beam so that it’s no longer canceled when its target sprints
  • Fixed the issue where players could get a completed challenge after re-rolling

Controller Settings

  • Increased max aim acceleration
  • Reduced scale factor (ramp up) for aim acceleration


  • Extended our max value for controller sensitivity
  • Extended our max value for controller aiming sensitivity
  • Extended our max value for controller aim acceleration

Aim Assist

  • Adjusted assist settings when set to low
  • Adjusted acceleration thresholds
  • Reduced multiplier when facing aim assist targets
  • Reduced aim assist when pushing sticks to extremes
  • Reduced base aim assist area when aiming at a target

PC Controls

  • Adjusted ranges and step values for mouse sensitivity
  • Adjusted min mouse sensitivity value

Game Modes

  • Increased disarm time in Gnome Bomb
  • Reduced max time to be revived in Team Vanquish

Balancing changes

The initial patch notes originally did not reveal the balancing changes that take effect in this version. After numerous complaints by the players shortly after the update arrived, PopCap eventually released the changes to the character balancing as well as revealed the upcoming TTK update details.[2]


  • Garlic Drone
    • Garlic Strike
      • Direct damage increased 10->15
      • Explosive damage decreased 20->15


  • Upgrade Pulp Powered
    • Reduce additional time earned for earning a vanquish from 2.7->2.0

Super Brainz

  • Super Ultra Ball
    • Increase direct damage 75->100
    • Decrease splash damage 75->50
    • Increase ability refresh time 18->20
    • Decrease blast radius 5.0->3.0
    • Increase shockwave radius 7.5->8.5

Electric Slide

  • Boogie Bolt
    • Increase damage 8.7->18
    • Decrease rate of fire 235->140
    • Decrease ammo capacity 24->14

Captain Deadbeard

  • Spyglass Shot
    • Remove weapon deploy time for sniper weapon
  • Barrel Blast
    • Barrel health decreased from 150->85
  • Parrot Drone
    • Eggsplosion
      • Decrease initial blast damage 75->65
      • Decrease blast radius of cluster eggs 3.2->2.25
      • Add initial cooldown when parrot is summoned

Space Cadet & Space Station

  • Crater Maker
    • Decrease duration of 7.35->4
    • Decrease direct damage 20->5
    • Increase splash damage from 5->10
    • Increase shockwave damage from 1->5
    • Decrease cooldown 35->20
  • Asteroid Shield
    • Decrease shield health from 390->300
  • Upgrade Assimilation
    • Increase restoration time from 0.35->2.0 per vanquish


  • Goo Blaster
    • Decrease damage while near pellets are alive reduced 2.84->2.0
    • Decrease rate of fire 100->90
    • Decrease projectile speed post drag 135->100
    • Decrease life/distance of near pellets 26->12m
    • (unlisted) Decrease ammo capacity from 10 to 8
  • Warp
    • Increase ability refresh time 8->9
  • Upgrade Precision
    • Increase equip cost 3->4
  • Upgrade CPR
    • Decrease equip cost 4->3


  • Heavy Helper
    • Decrease firing range 45m->40m

Unlisted changes

  • Ops is now noticeably more difficult due to an increased spawn rate.
  • Some objective hints are now placed on the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Equipping the Juiced upgrade for the Citron no longer triggers zoom mode while using Navel Laser.
  • Fixed a bug where Cactus' animation would freeze during customization.
  • XP earned from vanquishing a Champion has been reduced from 50 to 35.
  • Champion Oaks in Battle Zones no longer wears the Lost Cat Lip customization.
  • The title screen's plant and zombie fight now starts with a Kernel Corn and Foot Soldier instead of Weed and Browncoat.
  • Staying on the title screen for too long will cause the game's trailer video to play.


  • Equipping the Leg Day upgrade causes the 80s Action Hero to be unable to shoot or use abilities.
  • On some occasions, the Bullseye upgrade causes the Big Bang Beam's aiming laser to deal massive damage similar to the laser shot instead of the normal 5 damage.

December 3, 2019 TTK patch

Main article: December 3, 2019 TTK patch

The TTK patch was released on December 3, 2019 to improve the game's time-to-kill stats.

December 17, 2019 patch

The December 17, 2019 patch is another update for the game, intended to improve the accuracy and control of weapons and characters.


The intent of this update is to further tighten up the core experience. The changes to aiming and firing will make the game feel more responsive, projectiles will now better align to the player's reticle. The improvements to character turn animations will result in more responsive controls.

Core gameplay will continue to be a major focus for us moving forward, we feel this update is a major step forward and look forward to receiving feedback from all of you.

  • Improved projectile and camera lag
  • Improved turn animation responsiveness


  • Dreadroot's animations are very jittery. This is especially noticeable when it's charging its weapon.

    Jittery Dreadroot animation


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