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Dave-bot 3000 is an NPC character that appears in Backyard Battleground in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He appears to be a robot with Crazy Dave's face put onto it. The Dave-bot 3000 gives out L.E.A.F. agent quests to the player. He is located inside the garage in the plants' base of the Backyard Battleground.



  • The Dave-bot 3000 has a counterpart that looks just like him, called the Dave-bot 3000.1.
  • Dave-bot is seen to explode after the last quest (before you unlock the underground area with Dave-bot 3000.1), but he somehow reappears the next time your backyard is reloaded.
  • Dave-bot 3000 said that Crazy Dave hates cats, as he mentions this password: 123CrazyDaveHatesCats.
  • There are blueprints on the wall in Crazy Dave's garage for Dave-bot 3000 with finer details, suggesting he was supposed to be built out of custom made parts, before Crazy Dave built him out random things he found on the streets.
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